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How to create an editable PDF?


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I think we've discussed this before, but I can't find it here or in the old forums. Eric, maybe it was you who was looking for a solution?


Anyway, I have some forms that I want clients to fill out and I would like to do it in PDF format. I've googled, but I don't know which programs are the best and I'm afraid to download some of the unknowns I'm finding.


So, does anyone know of a good program (free is best, but low cost is okay, too) that allows you to create PDFs that others can fill in and then resave and send it back?


TIA! :)

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Guest pooksat

For your purposes, could you use the "Enable usage rights in Adobe Reader" function (under Advanced in Acrobat Professional)? This will allow you to save a PDF file that can then be opened in Reader and re-saved.

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Acrobat is required to edit PDF files... *sigh* Which is a pain...


However... Open office, and google docs can be saved as word docs and acrobat ~DOT~ com


It has a trial feature:


"Not quite sure yet? We also offer a free plan:

5 PDF file conversions in total, 3-person web conferencing, unlimited file downloads, online office applications, and forum-based support."

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