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Hi all

As you know that many software companies have to arrange a test/exam for the users, and when any user passes that test/exam, he is called ?Certified? in that program.


Same is arranged by Adobe, if someone gives the exam, he is called ?Adobe Certified Expert?.


Now, I want to join this exam but have a problem that from where can I download videos of Dreamweaver to see them and when I learnt, I will appear for this exam.


From where I can download Dreamweaver training videos for free


Can any one help me?

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Go to the Adobe site and look for Certification Training. They explain all the steps to becoming certified and give you training resources and where to take the exam.


If you already have Dreamweaver, the help section is massive and is a great resource. You can also sign up at ww w.ly nda.com for $25 a month and use their online video training.

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Certified training is very specific and expensive. You are not likely to manage it using free videos... this is the high speed things that get really deep into Adobe Products. I am trying unsuccessfully to talk the state into footing the bill for me to become a certified Flex expert.


This certification is not cheap and not some fluffy test you do like getting a W3Schools certification.


Case in Point: My former Supervisor, 18 years as a programmer for the state, Analyst Programmer V (the highest possible rank). He went to Vegas for a conference on Sharepoint. He has dealt with Sharepoint for a couple of years, he built the Sharpoint sites and server for the largest of State departments on his own... was only allowed to take the Certification test because it was offered for free at this conference and with his deep experience, still failed it the first time, but was able to take it again the next day and passed.


If you do this yourself you foot the bill yourself. If you fail you are out the money and will have to foot the bill for another exam. People who have used these tools for years and really gotten deep into them fail these exams... odds are you will not pass them by watching some free videos.


Pay for good training, certified training by Adobe certified trainers who can teach you what you need to know for you to risk your money on a certification exam.

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