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In Video Lesson Five I Lost You


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Hi Stefan,


Found you in Google. Great! Learning OOP here ! (and having 5 years of PHP experience the old way;)


I thought "well this is going well" after wathing the first 4 OOP video's




and than..... I lost you in video 5 when you wrote:


$stefan = new person();


I am confused about $stefan because you also made the var $name = "Stefan";


I mean... if you would do:


$nicole = new person();


(in THAT example)


it would still echo Stefan as a result in your example (build objects in PHP part 2 of 3).


So why do you give the variable in the index file the name $stefan and not $foo or $too or $whatever ? You use a real persons name for a variable and I think that would never happen in a real script.


I did notice, after downloading the Source Files, you changed


var $name = "Stefan"; (see video at 06:03)




var $name;


Hope you get my confusion.





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No one has responded to this yet, so thought I'd leave a quick comment...


In regards to "$stefan = new person();" that's just what he happened to name the variable. There's no exact reason for using a person's name, and yes, using a more general name like $name or something similar would make more sense. The exact variable name doesn't change the value that it holds.

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