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Deaf Woman's Ebay Complaint Highlights Dispute Over Web Access For Disabled


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Ebay has been shady for a long time. But without it, where else would you go to find cheap Asian knockoffs of products made with lead and other poisons, direct from torturous labor camps right to your door step?


Her complaint is mostly about their seller verification process... which is always a source of problems even for those who CAN hear. They have stronger requirements for proof of identity or proof of address than local government organizations, which is a little weird if you actually think about it.


I hope she wins the appeal... although I doubt it. It wouldn't surprise me if Ebay was another one of those organizations that is in BED with the government.

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I do not understand. I just reed the article and did it not say that she could use sms text massage to verify her identity. I do not see a problem here other then someone trying to get another stupid lawsuit going like the one where the lady spilled coffee on herself and won. So to sum up coffee is hot and read the fine print.

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