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Frontpage! Bad Decision?


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Hi I have just finished my first website, acheived by modifying a template using frontpage (cheating I know!). Everythings gone realy well until this point !


The site is hosted by 1&1 on a Microsoft server.


I have enlisted the services of CCBill to handle subscription payment and password protection to gallery pages within the site, but they need to know what authentication software the hosts server accepts, and the hosts want to know what software CCBill wish to install?


The problem is no-one wants to give up any information to me so Im just going round and round.


If anyone can give me any advice on this that would be awesome but what I want to know is was making my first site in frontpage a bad decision? I am being given the impression that Linux based was the way I should of gone. Please help!!:(

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You probably need a SSL certificate and the host requires a code to use with a IP and the CCBill needs to know what merchant you are using so you can use their built gateway to process payments.


As for Frontpage, it's not the tool but it's coding that it produces. I've used FP for 2 years before upgrading to Expression Web and never had a problem with it because I understood html and css thus allows me to avoid using FP garbage coding such as webbots, font tags, etc.

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FP was a pretty poor tool. You are better off using Expression Web Designer as the code it puts out is superior.


But none of that has anything to do with your problem, nor the server, Unix/Apache hosting is just cheaper than Windows.


As for the actual problem, I think Newseed answered that pretty well.

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