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Logo Hot Link?


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Hi there,

Hope everyone is not in the house all day on their computers but have gotten chances to be in the outdoors...

I know I need to do more of it...


Anywho, I am trying to make a logo become "hot" for visitors to take from our page and put on their link pages if they want to link with our website. Anyone know how I can do this?




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I don't actually want it to be taken from the header, so won't need to separate from header image...but thanks for the tip.


I am going to be putting it on the "links" page as a logo with a note "copy and paste this logo to link with Amajoy" or something of that nature.


I will try the changes and respond back soon.



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jlhaslip: did you create this code based on a generic code? Or did you visit amajoy's site and take code for the header with logo? I don't actually want it to be accessible on every page with the header, see my last note in last post about what I will be doing with it.


thanks, let me know if the code is still relevent (with the added http you indicated in your last response)


thanks again


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The code is relevant to the point of saying that that 'could' be the code you supply to others to cut and paste. (subject to the actual file name, its location and domain name, etc.)

No, I did not actually visit the site until, just now and the point above is valid. Use an Image software to create the actual 'button' or 'image' you want them to use and modify the URL to suit the location on your server.


Another option is to allow them to actually download a copy of the image to store on their own Server.


Two issues to consider here :

1.) having them store the image will save your bandwidth. If you have loads of B/W, not a big deal.

2.) having them store the image on their Server will actually be faster loading on their site since it saves an http request to your server.


Let us know if you need any more info.

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