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Im a newbe, =0)


Im looking to work on my own personal website for my business, at the moment I would rather just work with web templates and premium wordpress themes. Instead of trying to create my own from scratch, Im not looking to be a webdesigner.


In the video Tutorial Library, I've already went through the Webdesign HTML and CSS videos. Which videos should I be focusing on to just work on templates and Premium themes? without having to go through the whole library.



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Hi Constantine

A good understanding of html and css is all you need for your purpose .

But I have to say myself and others who build and give away html-css templates

do so so you can do exactly what you wish to do, get a website up and running.

It can be this easy:

Find a template you really like change out the images insert your text and links.

With a good understanding of html and css this is a very painless task.

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