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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, from Winnipeg I am taking 6 months off from this program to fill-in gaps so as to make myself more job/career/freelance ready, and to prepare for the Final Project My question is: knowing my level of training, what should I be doing now? The background: I have completed 5 of 6 terms for this 3-year program. I have chosen what the Brits call "web specialism" as my speciality. The compulsory web-relevant skills taught in the first two years to everyone are: programming skills: HTML CSS JS MySQL SQLite3 Postgresql Python nodejs express.js Two HTML templating engines: Handlebars and EJS other skills: wire framing prototypes mocking agile development software design & development The remainder of the compulsory (general) courses are: math, algorithms and C++ Third(final)-year is the speciality track year. For web specialism: React Native - done (Note: there is no React instruction) Django - done More SQL - done Semantic Web - done Interaction Design - done Still to do (final semester): Unity, C# an elective (I am leaning towards Machine Learning, it could be a niche in web development) the Final Project - putting it all together My concerns: Should I learn React ? (not offered in this program) Any other backend frameworks I should master besides Django? How useful is Unity and C# as a web developer? Would mastering mobile development help my career as a web developer? *********************************************************************************************** For the curious, I attach a spreadsheet outlining the different specialities the University of London (Goldsmiths College) offers at the present time, with the list of final-year compulsory courses for each speciality, and a list of the eight permitted elective courses for each speciality. Everyone does a Final Project. specialismsSpreadSheet.xlsx
  2. I would use a function But you can just put the code anywhere def get_pos_int(prompt='Please enter a positive Integer:'): while True: inp = input(prompt) try: num = int(inp) except ValueError: print(f"{inp} was not an Integer") continue else: if num < 0: print(f"{num} is not a positive Integer") continue else: break return num a = 1 + get_pos_int("Please enter a number to add to one:") print(f"result was {a}") b = get_pos_int() print (f"got {b} back") Output python get_positive.py Please enter a number to add to one:-12 -12 is not a positive Integer Please enter a number to add to one:A A was not an integer Please enter a number to add to one:4 result was 5 Please enter a positive Integer:10 got 10 back
  3. Python is becoming the world’s most popular coding language https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2018/07/26/python-is-becoming-the-worlds-most-popular-coding-language ... ... ... Interesting comparison for sure. This link comes from Nathan House of StationX who brought it up in his blog who goes on to explain the use of Python in the hacking community: The World’s Most Popular Coding Language? Reasons to Get to Grips with Python… https://www.stationx.net/the-worlds-most-popular-coding-language-reasons-to-get-to-grips-with-python/
  4. Hello Everyone, I want to know which developer salary is high python or java? Both are trending programming language but which language pay more. I am from India and I want to know the average salary of both profile in India.
  5. I just wondered if Stef or other had general thoughts on career paths for Linux enthusiasts learning to code. If I wound up doing something for Web Development, I tend to find the idea of doing more backend stuff more interesting. As for Linux, I just find it to be a work environment that I like. I'm not be any means an expert on BASH, but with Google I've been able to refresh myself on syntax if I think I can do something faster with a quick script like appending a line to all files in a directory. I also like all the options Linux has for distributions and desktop and quick access to software with package managers.
  6. A student of mine started learning Python, and then found out that the Python jobs in his area, are mostly in data sciences and other areas he's not interested in ... should he continue to learn Python? Check out the video: Join our Need2Nerd Newsletter: https://need2nerd.com/ Check out Stefan's Mentorship Program: https://need2nerd.com/mentoring/
  7. Hi Stef, I just purchased your class on Python. At the end of chapter 7 Variables and Floats, you mention "now on to the quiz". I when to next video no quiz, where are they stored? Felix
  8. I was cross referencing all the video's I downloaded from all the Zip folders with the Table of Contents of the course listed on the website and noticed titles missing. Video 54 "Why write Object Oriented Python Code?" is missing from the Zip folder, Is that video supposed to be missing? The downloaded Module 3.zip folder has only "python career paths - 2.contractor" and "python career paths - 3.build python app", which is the second half of module 2. module 2.zip only came with "python career paths - 0.intro" and "python career paths - 1.employee", Are there videos to "Web app creation", "Ai and ML", "Data sciences" and "Server processing, app scripting" or is it just that PDF ?
  9. Hi, I just wanted to announce that StudioWeb's new Python course will be available for spring 2017! Check out Powerful Python 3. Thanks! Stefan
  10. Hey guys! I'm going through Stefan's Python course (almost done), and there was an error I was facing on the video for creating your own modules (last video of the OOP section in the Python course). I did most of the course using Sublime text and Command Prompt (installed anaconda for this functionality) and it's been working perfectly fine. I used the same code in the video, and the code works in IDLE, why not command prompt? Program Flow: Step 1: Create the modules module_1.py import turtle, tkinter def a_function(): print("A function has been fired!") class Dog(): def bark(self): print("The dog barks!\n") def dog_draw_square(self): t = turtle.Pen() for x in range(1,5): t.forward(50) t.left(90) print("Dog has done its' job drawing.") def dog_spawn_window(self): tk = tkinter.Tk() btn = tkinter.Button(tk, text="click to draw", command=self.dog_draw_square) btn.pack() module_2.py def another_function(): print(">>>>>>> Module 2 funciton") Step 2: Call the modules in a different python program module_runner.py import module_1, module_2, time print("3 modules have been imported.") module_1.a_function() module_2.another_function() my_dog = module_1.Dog() my_dog.bark() my_dog.dog_spawn_window() I've used turtle and tkinter in Command Prompt before and they work on their own and in files exclusive to them. The code doesn't run "my_dog.dog_spawk_window()", it runs "my_dog.bark()" and stops. All of the files are in the same folder. Does anyone have any clue why it might not be working in Command Prompt? Here's a video of what I'm seeing on my side for reference: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/J1oPecqgsDbgbNyawRZa7p?
  11. I'm getting through the Killer Python course and reviewed the Career Paths videos. One of the major next steps is to trying coding, find a niche, and build a portfolio. One obvious option for showing and distributing code is Github, but I'm not sure how that would work for a Windows user if they don't have Python's Interpreter(I think this is preinstalled on Linux and Mac). While Python isn't really thought of as something to 'compile', some initial Google searching suggests there are tools to pack the program with the Interpreter into an .EXE file? I also wondered if we should be concerned about it installing to the Start Button Menu in Windows. I'm also a little curious about Python in Android and if that is practical at all or if that is realistically just Java territory. Otherwise, the course was interesting and I think the provided Source Files will be a good reference. Now I just need time to code when my day job isn't keeping me busy.
  12. I started Stef's KillerPython as a programming refresher and to clarify some things in Python. I like this tool Turtle that he chose to explain things. It's less complicated than other tutorials I've seen trying to use TKinter or even worse PyGame. In the attached code, I have functions for drawing a square or triangle making use of For Loops and If Then statements. The first argument controls the size of the shapes. I wanted a way to accept a second argument telling the Turtle to draw the shape to the left or the right, but I seemed to be getting into a weird situation trying to get Words or Strings accepted as arguments. I defined right = 1 and left = 2 so they sort of behaved like integers in my IF statement. Anyway, so far I'm enjoying the approach to KillerPython. As I said in a post on YouTube, I've had some coding classes that leaned heavily on Power Point and were so awfully boring lol. This is much better feeling more casual and interactive. Testing.py
  13. Hi everyone, I've been doing the Studio Web courses for the past 4 months (HTML, CSS, javaScript and now Python) and I love them, they're great! I'm now in Chapter 7 of the Python course and in part 4 Stef mentions that we have previously seen the tkinter module when learning to draw with Python. I have reviewed all my notes as well as the drawing with Python chapter but I can't seem to find any previous materials on tkinter, is there anything that I'm missing? I think he briefly mentioned tkinter in the treasure hunt chapter (again, saying we had previously seen it) and I remember already thinking that I had never heard of it before. Has there been perhaps some sort of update in the videos? Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Here is something fun I did messing with my computer with the low level of experience and knowledge that I have. I have had some experience with python before, but I never built anything cool with it. I had several years of not doing anything with it so I decided to start from the beginning again. This little bit of code is basically my own personal "Hello World" program: x = [some number] while x > -1: print(x) x -= 1 The first time I encountered a "Hello World" program it took me a while to understand why it was special. It seemed like I had done more work than the computer had and I didn't value what was going on. But when I first encountered a loop and could command my machine to do actual work; that seemed cool and interesting to me. My first encounter with a loop really fired up my imagination about the power of what I was learning. Below is a little adaptation of the code above which accepts a number defined by the user then counts down. An easy improvement would be some error handling but I was just building it to see what it would do to my machine. I recently was able to research and build my own machine. It isn't top of the line by any stretch, but it is far better than the old 2007 dell machine I had been using before. I still need to do some work to get the ram working up to specifications, and maybe try a mild over-clock but I have that on the back-burner for now. You may notice by the layout I am running a Linux distro. I am running a duel boot Ubuntu and Windows on my machine. I boot into Ubuntu for learning and work. I only have Windows to play games with really. This first screen is the "at rest" version which really isn't at full rest because I have Spotify and a few mild programs running still, but it is close enough for my purposes. I think the network spikes are due to Spotify reaching out to the web for adds and music. You can see the code in the file I am using on the bottom left. The top left is the terminal I am using to run the program. You can see I already ran a few mild tests.
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