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  1. Thanks for the response Eddie
  2. Unfortunately one of the tables is 35mb which is about 3000 records.
  3. As the title of the topic says i want to move a 40mb database form one server to another?? phpmyadmin cannot handles it Thanks
  4. Yeah i agree with that. not only me i guess. They should make it automatic. but anyway it's a standard procedure. Do it once and that's it! So we should learn the backend api if we want to succed somthing more than posts...
  5. I just finish Ben's tut about custom post types and as far as i can understand this new feature made wp pretty much quite a CMS, doesn'it. Maybe a tut about how can you make your won plugins would complete these screencasts. I guess hooks and filters are vital to make wp a complete cms.
  6. Hi to all, I hope you spend these days laughing!!! This is not a web stuff post but i think it's interesting. My boss just said to me that i might have to learn to write apps for android or for IOS by apple. So i am in search of some good video tuts for both of them. Do you suggest me any good video tuts series for either of them?? Thanks!!
  7. Yes. I think an RSS feed for the new video tuts would be really usefull. I personally find a little difficult to find the new screencasts in K.U.
  8. yes i did. maybe it has to do with some php's core variables mix up. I don't know. Never happened before
  9. Hi to all. I have this function to display a list from a db and then a weird thing is happening. It increases the $i counter 2 steps instead of 1... The sql query runs ok in phpadmin. Then I echo the $i counter within the for loop and it prints 0,2,4.... Any suggestions??? By the way i don't use mysqli. Boss's choise. I can't help it, hehe. and the language in the <th> is greek so don't bother... function getCustomersList() { $sql = "select USER_ID, USER_NAME, USER_LNAME, USER_MAIL, USER_ADDRESS from user where USER_GROUP = '2' order by USER_ID desc limit 5"; $res = mysql_query($sql); $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($res); if ($num_rows > 0) { echo "<table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' class='table_info'> <thead> <th>Κωδ. πελάτη</th> <th>Ονοματεπώνυμο</th> <th>Διεύθυνση</th> <th>E - mail</th> </thead> <tbody>"; for ($i = 0; $i < $num_rows; $i++) {echo $i; $row = mysql_fetch_array($res); echo "<tr>"; echo "<td><a href='users/edit_user.php?USER_ID=$row[uSER_ID]>$row[uSER_ID]</a></td>"; echo "<td>$row[uSER_NAME] $row[uSER_LNAME]</td>"; echo "<td>$row[uSER_ADDRESS]</td>"; echo "<td>$row[uSER_MAIL]</td>"; echo "</tr>"; } echo " </tbody> </table>"; } else { echo "<div id='empty'>Δεν υπάρχουν καταχωρημένοι πελάτες</div>"; } }
  10. i see.Although it doesn't look very steady to me especially with the hover move...
  11. Hi to all. A quick question about jquery. I noticed that with the animation effect many devs uses this statement : {queue:false} for example: $('#something').animate({something},{queue:false}); Is that something important??? I never had issues not using it. What's the big deal? Thank you
  12. why dont you try this, with css set the position to absolute and then with jquery use the animate effect to slideup the red colored div while hovering. It will give us the same results like Ben's example. II don't know if i get it right.
  13. The server example was a bad one. What i meant is if the response is lets say faster than the setinterval call
  14. Hi to all!! Here is my questiion: i have this code <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ get_current_song(); setInterval("get_current_song()",5000); }); function get_current_song(){ $('#reload_now_play').load("load_song.php"); } </script> to load some text from another script .The content of load_song.php where i get the text, changes every 3-4 minutes. So i use the get_current_song() function every 5 secs by using the setInterval function. That works for this project but i think if the server for example get down for a while the above technique will return an empty string. So i guess i have to use the $().load() function again after it comlete over and over and this will solve the bad timing problem. How should i write it?? Thanks.
  15. try this one for testing purposes. Do not use it for clients of course....
  16. i meant the kind of ready blogs like blogger. NOT wordpress. Because they redirect you in a different domain that they belong to the hosting service. Correct me if i am wrong...
  17. Seriously dont use those kind of blogs. Very non-professional plus you loose visitors.....
  18. Thank you Andrea. The only trick i came up is by using jquery. i check the category that the post belongs and if it is in the second page i use jquery to remove the class .current_page_item from the blog page and add it to the econd page. It does the trick although it has a little lag until the page is full loaded...
  19. Well , that's not the issue. Let's see, when you view a post (single.php) the .current_page_item class is assigned to the page that i chose to be the blog page. Is there any way that when i view a post's full article from the second page, which is not the blog page, the.current_page_item class couldbe assigned to the second page?.. See my site to understand what i mean. http://easyjquery.gr/ and go to the tutorial page and view a post to see what's happening to the nav bar.
  20. Hi , i have this issue, i am biulding a wordpress site and lets say i have two pages. Products for category A and the second page called Products for category B . The first page is the index.php of wp. In the second page i run a second loop to load the products for this particular category. So, when i am in the second page and click the read more link for a product it shows the complete post. (single.php) But navigation bar shows that i am in the first page which is the default page as i said. The question is how can i make the nav bar be highlighted the second page when i read one of the second page's product post? I hope you understand what i am trying to tell
  21. As the title of this topic said , what e-shop cms do you like the most and why? I am sure that many beginners here (including me) came up with this question because 30% - 40% of our work maybe is building an e-shop for our clients. And there are a lot out there: 1) osCommerse 2) Magento 3) VirtueMart for joomla and many more... I know a liltle bit of osCommerse, building a new template for learning purposes. I think it is not that difficult to learn it but it looks very old to me and since i like jquery i have hard time to implement my own ideas in OSC. Maybe Stefan could make a video tutorial series about learning and building a template for his favourite e-shop cms. I am pretty sure everyone want it too!!! So what is your favourite e-shop CMS??
  22. i also made and uploaded a simple cross fade slideshow. Not only for images. Take a look at this too http://easyjquery.gr/fade-gallery/ and the pagination http://easyjquery.gr/pagination/
  23. Any thoughts or recomendations would be apriciated or even if you want the source code
  24. i have a site with plugins. its a new one www.easyjquery.gr check it out Pagination: http://easyjquery.gr/pagination/
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