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  1. I found the Div size was bigger than I thought so part of the delay was not real(sorry).A little part which looks real is at the end of the animation (before calling the callback function)the animation becomes abit slow but it is not important...
  2. Hi I'm trying to make an infinite animate (loop).So I call the same function as a callback function.It works but I observed when the callback function is called (which is the same function) it takes some time.Is there any better way or a solution for that delay? Following is the code I use: $(document).ready(function () { scroll(); }); function scroll() { $("#divtomove").css("left", "-150px"); $("#divtomove").animate({ left: "300px" }, 20000, scroll); }
  3. Hi I'm supposed to solve this problem at office.I have a JQuery Slider.Even the script is correct I wrote it again almost from scratch.However it has two animate function both were not working.One I fixed which was working on a very wide DIV to be scrolled when a tab is clicked.The second which I couldn't fix is on a DIV with a background(Selected Tab).Beside it 3 spans representing 3 tabs.When one of the tabs(spans)is clicked the Div(With selected Tab Background) should move until it comes below that tab to show it is selected. This Div refuse to move using Animate no matter what I do.It has z-index set to 190 while the tabs have images inside them and their z-index is 200 The code I have is very similar to the following: http://www.gayadesign.com/diy/animated-tabbed-content-with-jquery/
  4. Now that you know what I need I can describe in detail: I'm working on control called SharePoint Organization chart found on Code Plex(I don't remember the link but if you google it you will immediatly find it). When the whole chart is generated it is actually a group of div elements.But it becomes huge so the vertical and horizontal scrollers appear. So I want the user to be able to see all the chart without using the scrollers.For example the user hold down the mouse left key then drag to see the rest of the chart...That is the whole idea..
  5. Yes Consider you put a huge map image in an html page.Immediatly a vertical scroller will appear on the right and a horizontal scroller at the bottom so you can view all the map image. Instead of depending on these scrollers I want the user to be able to hold down the mouse left button (hand pointer) on the page and drag to see the rest of the map.
  6. Hi I need to let the user move around a huge chart without using rulers(He already complained about using rulers) is there any javascript or css that could let the user hold down the mouse left button in side the page and move around the page instead of using Horizontal and vertical rulers?
  7. Well I didn't upload that one on the internet because I didn't make any effort on that one.It is exactly the same code in the link you gave me.I just tried by adding a DIV around the overlay DIV to hide the overflow but nothing happened at all.So you can try on the code in the same link you provided before if my goal is already clear for you.Hope more success for both of us...
  8. Yes they use Text in the covered part which is realy what I want but it would be better if the overlay overflow is hidden.I don’t mean in the code I mean in the result.For example when the overlay overflow a top border above the item it will be hidden..like a window or a real garage door.I tried to do it by putting a Div with overflow:hidden around the overlay but it is just ignored by the browser?!!
  9. Hmm..I think I saw this before when I was in the begining of this idea. That time (When I saw that example) I wanted to use text in the cover and the covered part but later on I found it impossible (If possible it would be better for SEO) so I forgot about that example thank you for reminding me about it. If they are using text in the covered part and not an image as the cover then they realy did a very great job and I'm going to use their approach.I will check it out and tell you about it. Thank you for replying to me while no one did for along time
  10. Hope that you solved your problem.If not please upload the page on any other domain becuase I got your website blocked in my country and I don't know why. Also please mention which Internet Explorer do you mean the difference between 6 and 7 and 8 is big.If you find a solution please tell me about it because it may be similar to a problem I have with IE8.
  11. I tried it on CS5.CS5 Replace is better than CS3 without any need to compare.But it gives gray color with the image I attached too...Thank you for your great cooperation.
  12. Why not?! I used Photoshop Layer Style Bevel effect.It realy gives me the result I want.Of course with suitable shadow effect too. Please if you find my post helpful increase my reputation by clicking the green plus sign to the bottom right corner of this post...
  13. Hi, When I use two divs one above the other using z-index then hover (using the mouse pointer) on the two divs quickly their z-index is lost and they appear one above the other ?! I face this problems in different ways when making JQuery on divs which are one above the other then move the mouse pointer above them quickly. Is there any way to make sure the divs will always be one above the other according to their z-index? Here is an example of my problem. If you hover the mouse quickly on the window the cover will appear downward and it will looks funny: http://jsbin.com/ucoru/3
  14. Hi May you try the example above with overflow hidden on your machine and tell me what you get?
  15. Yes I tried hover long time ago and same result.However I'm working on the shaking problem right now...
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