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  1. Good evening guys, Do you have a recommendation for a well reputed company / site that you use or know of to purchase Icons / Vectors / Background textures and patterns? I have checked out the new site Media Loot - but their stock is minimal. Any suggestions besides googling? I can google all day long but the word of the forum is key to me. thanks Brian
  2. Hi Stefan I am waiting word on source. Apparently a company is being sued for using a photo on their website from I Stock. I will find out more info and will be posting later today / tomorrow. Thanks Brian
  3. You may want to consider using ems for your font sizes. Reason for this is if you are using px - the font will not change if the user changes their font settings..
  4. Download IE Tester. You can test your work in all IE Browsers with this
  5. Here is an email my brother sent to me regarding IStock. Not sure of the source, but thought I would share this with you and you may want to consider going another direction for photos. Has anyone else heard of this? Brian Do not conduct business with Getty Images or any of its surrogates, such as iStockPhoto.com, because this kind of abuse should not be rewarded. If you have received a “settlement letter” from these scumbags, you can probably ignore it. I would recommend (A) removing the alleged infringing images anyway, ( removing all copies of your site from archive.org’s Wayba
  6. I voted for SEO and Web Design work flow. Yet to read up on SEO and getting a feel for the work flow of a professional / freelancer will help guide myself and all other newbies to starting off in the right direction.
  7. Yes, Please continue with them also. This is a great read for all novice designers such as myself
  8. NuCoder

    helllo friends...

    Welcome guys - you're at the right place!
  9. Hi Stefan, I agree with Suzie - some more PS tutorials (along with designing web sites with PS). Also maybe some new CSS3 techniques as this seems to be gaining popularity fast
  10. not too bad. A couple things that caught my attention: The pink is quite strong The drop shadow on Revealing The Simple Things is a bit too much (I would recommend lowering the opacity and the distance) The right column and pink sidebar make the layout appear off. Possibly swapping these would make it appear more balanced
  11. It is coming along nicely guys. Excellent job Stefan and Ben!
  12. The CSS is the styling of your web pages. Think of the html as the blueprint of your website. The CSS is the interior design. You should use an external style sheet to place your CSS. If you are practicing and are new - you can put the CSS styles in the head of your document (in between the and tags. Jump over to CSS tutorials here on Killer Sites to understand more on CSS (unless you are going to use a template). There is alot of great help here. If you have any questions always feel free to ask. If you can not find what you are looking for - I'm sure one of us can find you a resource stoc
  13. Feel free to visit the css tutorials here at Killer Sites. Also I have provided a link for you below on a great article on understanding margins and the box model. http://spyrestudios.com/css-in-depth-margins-padding-the-box-model/
  14. Welcome to the forum. Are you looking to center the page (your content)? If so apply the following to your css: #wrapper { margin: 0 auto; padding: 0; } The #wrapper is common. You can name this whatever you want your outside containing div to be Hope this helps
  15. Never mind - got it. Had to run as administrator (in case anyone else ever comes across this problem)
  16. I like the minimal approach for the tutorials pages
  17. I agree - the gray, orange and black presented do not cut it for a law firms website. Some blues, whites, browns and / or black will suit more nicely for a professional lawyers office. I would also tinker with the navigation and you may want to consider changing the color of the drop down link to the same color or lighter shade of the main link (or like newseed stated - just change the navigation to white)
  18. Hi Guys, I am unable to open PS CS4. It states my files are locked. I go to Windows Explorer and I can not find where to unlock properties. I select on Adobe and right click - properties - and take read only off - but do not know where to locate the properties to unlock the files? Confused and baffled - Brian
  19. Thanks Virtual - never knew that (can you tell I still have a lot to learn? ) It's information like this and fast replies that make KS the best resource for webbies
  20. Unfortunately the nav is still a mess after moving the UL to above the logo html. No' date=' I just tested it, and that fixes it in IE6/7. And the hung up last link (the contact link) actually needs the html to look like this to fix it. HOME ABOUT LOCATION AMENITIES MAINTENANCE CONTACT [/quote'] I know - I errored as I was checking it before it was uploaded - thanks again Eric for the help and resource for IE TEster
  21. Ah - fixed the contact page issue (It was due to the expanded box problem). Still trying to figure out the three pixel text jog - but it appears that it is not affecting the users experience or look of layout... Thanks guys - Brian
  22. Got rid of the expanded box problem - now just need to continue working on the three pixel text jog bugs - aiy
  23. thanks for the link Eric - I have it installed. Unfortunately the nav is still a mess after moving the UL to above the logo html. I tried the Holly Hack and IECC as I have 3 pixel text jogs and expanded box problem for the contact page. No other bugs are occurring on any other pages - so I wonder if the Contact link being moved up on all pages is due to the bugs. Have any good tips for these bugs by chance?
  24. Thanks Eric - that must be the issue. I am looking for a way to be able to download IE6 / 7 to test these browsers also - however I am unable to do so bc I have IE8 installed. I believe Chris Pederick has something on this that I will look into. Let me try your tip and see what happens - as always very much appreciated! Brian
  25. Perfect - thanks Virtual and Newseed for the resources..
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