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  1. Long time no see! I have an easy one, (I think!) In this little poem (prayer) I want to have the words "Childrens Prayer" to appear on the same line as the bottom line but with considerable space added. <p>Thank you Lord for the world so sweet,<br> Thank you for the food we eat.<br> Thank you for the birds that sing,<br> Thank you, God, for everything.</p> Children’s Prayer Any suggestions? Alfie
  2. Well, you have chosen quite a large mouthfull to chew! I suspect that the lack of responses to your post means that you have been pegged as a "parasite" herein. However, since you are still present here, it might indicate you have legitimate questions / concerns. The basic answer to your query is: Learn HTML and CSS first. HTML tells a browser what the content of your web-page is whereas the CSS tells how to style the contents. (i.e. font, color, position, borders, padding, margins, etc) Most of the rest of your requirements will be requiring knowledge of programming languages such as PHP or JAVASCRIPT, which is outside of my area of expertise. *****And may the sounds of angels wings whaft thee gently to thy sleep***** Johann Sebastian Shakespeare
  3. Well said Stephan! @ IMHERE. Better quit now! All your comments make you look like the eastern end of west-bound horse. Your spelling and grammar makes you look under-educated and / or ignorant. (OK! I have vented my spleen!) Alfie
  4. Hi Andrea: I tried very hard to find flaws in your project and failed. There is only one suggestion I can think of. As most people that you may be aiming for, I have never heard of Roatan! Perhaps a map showing where in the Caribbean it is located? Not a flaw, just a minor suggestion. A job very well done! Alfie
  5. Must agree with Andrea on this one. Also, what is so horrible about calling a tutorial a movie, if indeed it is one? If it was a slide-show, yeah, I'd agree or a book lesson. If it moves it is a movie! Alfie
  6. The complete answer will need amplification by others in this forum, but one possible solution is to display the picture as a 1x1px somewhere innocuous on your page (Like in a corner.) BEFORE displaying the full picture. This should force the browser to download the whole file before displaying it on the site. Keep in mind that picture files should always be kept as small (In physical dimensions as well as in pixels per inch (PPI)) as possible! 72 ppi is quite adequate for the web. Hope you will get more "how-To" info from others herein. Alfie
  7. I'm sorry, but I do not see what is so incredibly great about that site! It has some java, but quite frankly it mostly leaves me cold. Am I missing a point here? Alfie
  8. One other critique, and I hope yo find it constructive! The initial (Index) page gives no clue as to what you are selling! I surmise you are selling "corporate gifts". (I.E. marketing promos.) You need to find a way to "show" (Not just telling!) that that is what you have to offer. Consider a picture-spread of promotional items with corporate logos prominently displayed (?) Good luck! Alfie
  9. A while back I looked for "Photoshop" on e-bay and found an offer of PS 6.0 (A very early version compared to what is happening now!) I was able to buy it for $50.00! Now, I have no idea of whether or not this was a totally legal purchase, (Pirated software?) but this version does all the stuff I have ever needed to do as far as photo editing is concerned. Any thoughts / comments? Alfie
  10. Well now: I am a relatively newbie myself, but here are some thoughts: 1) Typography is quite different; Points (pt) or picas are not very meaningful in web work because the user's personal computer may be set to render type in a personally selected size. Use (em) or percentages instead. 2) Type faces are very limited: Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial are about it! Unless you incorporate additional software into your coding to allow the use of more sophisticated fonts. 3) Color is much more limited for the web. Although millions of colors are available, there is relatively little control over how those colors are rendered on a user's computer, again depending on the settings of the user's computer. Generally, in my experience, use highly contrasting colors for material that needs to stand out as in type over a background color. 4) The use of photographs in a layout is much less of a problem than it used to be a few years ago. In the days of dial-up modems photos would often slow down the loading time beyond the patience of many viewers. Although this is not usually the case any more because of broad-band internet connections, it is still useful to be careful of the pixel "weight" of photos used. A resolution of 72ppi is quite adequate for the majority of monitors in use today. ( As opposed to 200 to 1000 ppi you have been used to employ in print media.) Also limit the size of images. Pixel use increases with the square of the linear dimensions! A one inch square picture at 72dpi is 5184 pixels. A two-inch square is 20,736 pixels! In other words, avoid using a single photo as the background of your layout. (There is an easy way with CSS to "tesselate" a background with a small picture to repeat.) Hope I have provided some useful stuff for you. Look for more in-depth info from some of the more senior members in this forum.
  11. AW HECK! Here I just finished laboring over the posting of this very question when Eddie answered it in my original posting! Thanks Eddie! Alfie
  12. NOTE! As I posted this, Eddie pretty much answered my question in my original post! I could not figure out how to delete this, so I'll let it stand for now to see if there are other brilliant solutions out there! Andrea recently pointed out the errors of my ways in that use of regular quotation marks (") should be rendered as " when used as part of a sentence (As opposed to part of HTML coding.) By studying W3C I found that ", ', &, <, and > are "reserved characters" in HTML, so of course Andrea is, as usual, correct! This caused a single page on one of my web-sites to cough up 151 errors in an HTML validator! I then tried to go back to the original .txt document from my customer from which I coded the HTML tags in NOTEPAD, and tried to do a find-and-replace routine. Didn't work in NOTEPAD, but did work in MS Word! Most of the pages in this "Magazine" are loaded with quotation marks! How do you handle this conundrum? Thanks! Alfie
  13. I found most, if not all of the boo-bos you mentioned and you may have opened the HTLM within the span of about a half hour before I realized that I had forgotten to upload the edited CSS! Sorry! The whole issue turned out to be in vain anyway, as the customer (My brother-in-law) changed his mind and wanted it back to the way it was! The 154 errors bother me quite a bit as it used to have a perfect score, but that was several years ago. Thanks for pointing it out, and I shall certainly check it out! P.S. I just used the HTML validator and 151 of those errors were "non SGML character number ###, in other words all my apostrophes and quotation marks! . Am I using the wrong character set or what? Three issues are left that I believe I can deal with. Happy spring! Alfie
  14. Hi all: Andrea's suggestion worked! But thee are a few gremlins that I need to address. I defined <span> in the CSS as float: right; and clear: both; It works for the most part but there are instances where the <p> margins get screwed up. I think I need to play with the "clear" attribute. Check my results HERE (While in there, check my customer's corny sense of humor!) Thanks! Alfie
  15. HMM! Interesting possibility! I had not considered that. I'll let you know of my results. Thanks Andrea! Alfie PS. here is the page(s) in question. You may have to search a bit to find the area I am trying to fix in the text. There are quite a few instances where there are quotes of jokes, or just plain quotes, that have an origin referenced. I want the references to be "right justified". Make sense? www.sunshine-magazine.org/2013/may-13.php (I shall check that link to see if it is accurate!) Thanks! Alfie
  16. I have been trying to make a portion at the end of a paragraph shift over to become right aligned with the right margin. For instance: "A man goes to a shrink and tells him that no one talks to him. The doctor says, “Next.” (- Henny Youngman) (<-This being aligned with the right margin, as with a "right justify" tab on a typewriter.) I have tried to use <span> and defining it in the CSS as text-align: right; Any clever ideas? Alfie
  17. daddyalfie

    My Intro

    You are correct! This a great forum for learning how to use proper HTML and CSS to construct viable websites. Pose your questions here and expect timely and accurate answers. Beware, however, that some of the answers you may receive will be critical, but always constructive. The people here are almost always professionally competent, but we do not control who does the answering! You will soon discern who the "real" pros are. Good luck and welcome to the forum! Alfie
  18. AMEN! A few years ago I was one of those newbies who got ranked "expert" or some such before we changed the format and every one got started over again from scratch, except for you real experts as it should be! Happy new year every one! Alfie
  19. Not sure how you guys would (Or should!) handle this, but I have at least two websites that I am proud to have created, - but they are all gone bye-bye as businesses!! (Maybe they were not that great?) I use them in my website's portfolio (With the original owner's permission and with significant details omitted,) because I just like them! Good idea? or not? Alfie
  20. Never mind folks! Turns out to be his server blocking his e-mails!!! I have never experienced such a screw-up in my life. We still do not know who is actually hosting his site. I guess we will have to wait to see who bills him! Happy holidays to all! Alfie
  21. Hi y'all! My customer has recently experienced trouble with his response form (As discussed earlier under Business..) He had similar troubles a while back which was eventually resolved, but now it is back! The form itself and the php script were NOT generated by me, and I am not smart enough to analyze them by myself! The form is HERE and the current script is shown below. Any new insights? Thanks! Alfie <?php $to = "chmyrockin@blueridge.net" ; $from = $_REQUEST['email'] ; $name = $_REQUEST['name'] ; $headers = "From: $from"; $subject = "Information About Chimney Rock Inn"; $fields = array(); $fields{"name"} = "name"; $fields{"phone"} = "phone"; $fields{"email"} = "email"; $fields{"arrival"} = "arrival"; $fields{"DateLeaving"} = "DateLeaving"; $fields{"roomtype"} = "roomtype"; $fields{"adults"} = "adults"; $fields{"children"} = "children"; $fields{"homenumber"} = "homenumber"; $fields{"cottagetype"} = "cottagetype"; $fields{"comments"} = "comments"; $body = "We have received the following information:\n\n"; foreach($fields as $a => ${ $body .= sprintf("%20s: %s\n",$b,$_REQUEST[$a]); } $headers2 = "From: chmyrockin@blueridge.net"; $subject2 = "Thank you for contacting us"; $autoreply = "Thank you for contacting us. You will be receiving more information shortly from us."; if($from == '') {print "You have not entered an email, please go back and try again";} else { if($name == '') {print "You have not entered a name, please go back and try again";} else { $send = mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers); $send2 = mail($from, $subject2, $autoreply, $headers2); if($send) {print "Thank You for contacting Us! You will be contacted soon about your request" ;} else {print "We encountered an error sending your mail, please notify chmyrockin@blueridge.net"; } } } ?>
  22. Thanks Guys, and Andrea! Turns out to be more complicated than originally thought. There was a serious question as to who was actually the host! But, according to my customer it is actually AN Hosting which I have used numerous times with excellent service! Perhaps WHOIS is slow to update and he may have used them in the past? I shall post a new subject with links under "PHP" so perhaps you knowledgeable types can check out the form and script. Thanks again! Alfie
  23. I have a customer who ended up using godaddy as his hosting service. Now he is having problems with the e-mail function of the "contact Us" php based code. (I used Mail-Form) It seemed to function all right for about a year. I can't expect anyone here to just blame godaddy for poor service, but can you give me any feedback / comments on their service at all? Why are they so cheap? Thanks! Alfie
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