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    Personally I'm not a fan of absolute positioning. I think its asking for trouble. I would put the whole site inside a div called #wrapper then use css for positioning. You have a misplaced tag as well. Cut and paste that whole tag in between your head tags. The footer is only 50px tall. In the style sheet you have it declared as 88px tall. Thats causing a gap.
  2. JBall


    Well, don't follow me. I spew useless information all the time. The internet needs to be fun. I like social networks. I have rekindled several lost friendships over on FaceBook and have drawn several hundred dollars worth of freelancery off of MySpace. All while having fun in cyberspace.
  3. JBall


    I Twitter (no surprise, right?) CapnShiner And am now a loyal follower...
  4. I like the footer being red and the smaller text. The rounded corners don't really fit nor do they add anything to the over all design. I think a soft wrapper shadow along both sides and the original header would fit great with your "Plain Vanilla" approach, add in Thelma and jlhaslip's suggestions and call it done. Just a foot note: I love the idea of Plain Vanilla Designs. I think that could be a real niche for you. I think realistically you could come up with two or three simple, yet classy designs and sell them over and over and over.
  5. Thats an interesting question. Have you tried to open it from different machines? Maybe the computer you are using has some sort of blocker on it? Popped right open for me...
  6. And just for the record, CSS is a style sheet. That's what CSS is short for: Cascading Style Sheet.
  7. I feel a little dirty now having visited that site.
  8. Much. Still not 100% trustworthy though. Leaps and bounds above CS3, just not perfect yet.
  9. Bit too monochromatic for my taste as well.
  10. Well, from a "Plain Vanilla" perspective I think you should lose the shadow completely. I also think the blue footer doesn't fit. It's the only blue spot on the page. You might try to incorporate the blue into the header or change the footer to black/red. The only other things I see is the text is just a bit too large and the dark text on the nav bar is hard to make out. The hover white really pops though. Just my two cents, make of it what you will.
  11. Is your image too big? ...central central? Maybe you meant center center. Would it be possible to post a link to your test site or post the full code here? It would make things a lot easier to diagnose.
  12. I'm not sure, I would try to give your shade div a set height and width instead of defining the size with &nbsp. I'm sure one of the gurus will be along shortly to correct me though.
  13. @ Ben Have you had any more contact with your plagiarist? I just checked and seen they are still boldly wearing the FalkenCreative skin... :/
  14. I guess it may be "new" to Alaska. We've had those around for a few years in the mid-west. Blockbuster used to sell them... Actually they might still. I haven't seen the inside of a Blockbuster in years...
  15. ...and... Is your style sheet in the same folder as your html? If not then your link path is wrong. Its also a good habit to only use lower case letters. (homepage.css instead of HomePage.css) But as long as that's consistent it shouldn't be causing your problem.
  16. Because by changing the extension to .css, you changed the type of file it is. Fundamentally it no longer is a wordpad page.
  17. JBall

    Header Borders

    this might help...
  18. JBall

    Posts for sale

    Or you have too much free time...
  19. JBall

    css colors - begginer

    OK. In Photoshop just create a new document that is 5px wide and however tall you want it. Then use the gradient tool (might be hiding under the paintbucket) to create your gradient. If you need help with that part THIS tutorial might be useful. Do the same for your footer image. Either make one wide image or a narrow image that is the right height for your footer. This CSS code is written with the assumption of a narrow image set to repeat for the footer. If you choose one wide image just remove "background-repeat:repeat-x;" from the #footer rules. As a note: Be sure to set a height and width for your footer. body { background-image:url(images/body_gradient.gif); background-color: #000000; background-repeat:repeat-x; } #footer { height: 40px; width: 800px; background-image:url(images/footer.jpg); background-color: #000000; background-repeat:repeat-x; }
  20. JBall

    Posts for sale

    For sale, eh? Pencil me in for a dozen. Congrats! You have certainly spit out some useful information!
  21. JBall

    css colors - begginer

    You mean that you want the footer to have the same gradient as the BG? What program are you using to edit images with? (Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp?)
  22. JBall


    @Ben Have you seen any negative side effects from this method, cross-browser? I only ask because of the mentioning of ie7 beta troubles in the comments below that trick. Not that I care much. At least not until ie7 in out of beta....
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