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  1. Im, Thanks for the constructive comments. We do have some content management, but only for products and prices, nothing else. I am concious about contacting our web designers for anything as they charge too much, especially in the current climate and they may be suspicious if we ask for even the layout table width. By the way your web site is great. Dantara.
  2. Many thanks to everybody for the constructive comments, very useful. My only problem with changes is that everytime we want to change one word with our web site creators it costs a fortune. Dantara.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and would like some viewpoints on our web site. The site content was 99% developed by myself and given to a web site developer to put together, launch and host/control (i am useless at the really technical stuff). I have taken the advice of this site and run the validation code for it, and it appears to be littered with errors, there again we do have quite a lot of content. The main area I would like a view point on is the overall look and style and navigation and pointers to improvement which would be gratefully received. Many thanks. http://ww w.pegasusna tional.com [removes spaces] Dantara.
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