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  1. Just super backedup with work ... activating schools.

    Going to circle around to add more to the Business Battle Plan by next week. I plan on outputting all the mp3 files as well.


    1. shavers313


      I was wonder why you was MIA. I was trying to figure out why I was paying $6.99 for course that's not regularly updated. jk lol 

  2. The Internet is sloooow today ... it's all that distance learning!


  3. Your website keeps taking me to Google ..?


  4. Broke my fast with two slices of rhubarb pie ... now I am feeling it! 🤪

    1. Harry


      I take it that the pie wasn't sugar free.

    2. administrator


      Nope. But I survived. 

  5. Chapter 1 and 2 are now live from the Business Battleplan course.

  6. I just updated the forum and we decided to breath life back into it! You will now find exclusive content here that you will not find on my YouTube channels. Thanks!

  7. Just recorded Chapter lesson 3-4 for the Business Battleplan course. should be live tomorrow. 

  8. The Business Battle Plan course is almost ready to go! 17 chapters of video + audio in a premium forum on what I WISH I knew when I started my first company way back!

  9. Uploaded new video: Ch3 - Lesson 1: How to pick your business

  10. Working on my entrepreneurs course. It looks like it's going to be a great course!

  11. A website always needs updating ... 2

  12. A website always needs updating ...

  13. A website always needs updating ...

  14. A whole slew of new free video content is coming out starting over the next few days.

  15. Apples and wine don't mix.

  16. Been busy ... lots of new stuff and a new course too.

  17. Ben ... SSD for your Mac?

    1. falkencreative


      Yep. We'll see what sort of performance boost it gives me. I did see videos online that showed a boot sequence plus the launching of five large Adobe applications. A Mac with a "normal" drive booted/launched the applications in a bit over a minute, while the SSD was less than half of that.

  18. Ben fixed the colors!

  19. Everyone needs to learn PHP!!!

    1. virtual


      You wish, and so do I, but I can't get my brain around it !!!

    2. danhodge


      Is this supposed to be mocking my status? :L


      I will when i need to, and when that is i will go straight to your youtube videos :D

  20. Forum is being upgraded ...

  21. Forum upgrade around the corner.

    1. newseed


      Don't care for the Recent Gallery being at the top. Could this not be slammed in the right column?

  22. Forum upgrade complete but the blue is not exactly our colors!

  23. Forum upgraded - first upgrade in years!

  24. Funny, I'm allergic to cougars.

  25. Good job putting the recent topics at the top ... like the old forum!

    1. falkencreative


      Yeah, I finally found a mod to do that, and removed the two sidebar items which had previously shown new topics/recent topics. A lot better IMO.

    2. falkencreative


      Forgot to mention... it auto-refreshes ever 30 seconds, so if you want to keep an eye on new posts, you don't have to manually refresh the page.

    3. administrator
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