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  1. Ok Andrea you are right, maybe inline style sheet is also useful. Actually, I was strongly recommended, by my seniors, not to use the inline style sheet.
  2. There is no way to check the content quality of the book, but only if you purchase it. From Book description, it looks cool, but who knows whether book description, describes the book correctly or not.
  3. There are lot of reasons to deny the use of table for layouts instead of div. Tables are usually more bytes of markup. (More bytes of traffic for host and hence make it expensive for you, as some hosts charge on amount of bandwidth used) Tables usually prevent incremental rendering. (Takes longer time to load then CSS) Tables may require you to chop single, logical images into multiple ones. (This also increases page load time) Tables break text copying on some browsers. Tables prevent certain layouts from working within them. (like height:100% for child elements of <td>) Table-b
  4. No need to understand the difference, it is highly recommended to use an external style sheet. Inline is worst of all three types.
  5. I use chrome to translate other languages to English, not sure whether chrome offer translation to other languages or not.
  6. Jmarton1

    Html To Psd

    Normally, psds are converted to html file. If you want to practice Photoshop, just choose a html file and convert it manually using. I mean draw all the things using Photoshop tools.
  7. I have read a lot about the flat web design it is a new trend for web designing, I just want to know is it better to adopt for the eCommerce sites or not?
  8. Link wheeling is SEO method for getting links for your site.You can make more than ten or twenty blogs on different web 2.0 sites and than write content for those sites. Form the content and these blogs or sites you can easily link back to your webpage.
  9. SEO is the way of improving the visibility of your website in search engines. With the help of Search Engine Marketing you can drive more traffic on your site.
  10. What are the new trends of web designing in 2013?
  11. You can build easily with WordPress. Download any WordPress them of your choice and build your desired website with ease.
  12. I will suggest you to go w3school and take help form there, a good resource for learning.
  13. You should take help form w3school, it is best place for learning. Here you will found good tutorials.
  14. Generally you will found the result of SEO work after three or four months.
  15. If you want to learn a SEO, I will recommend you to go and take help form the SEOmoz's beginners guide to SEO.
  16. Best tool for designers is Dreamweaver CS6 and also recommend Foundation 3 Which is free and excellent tool for designing work.
  17. If you are biggener you need to take help form the w3schools.com. Here you will found lot of informative material for improving your basic skills.
  18. You should have to learn HTML and CSS first and than go for web designing and the best source for learning is W3C.
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