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Website Design - Embedded Photos


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The website that I am developing now, http://www.aljoufilaw.com, is already up and running. However, my client still have plans to add and insert images to the pages of the website. This would then require me to redesign the pages with the new photos. Do you have any suggestions how can I proceed with the design with better and elegant feel and impression to the viewers?


Your help and opinions will greatly help me on this.

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  • I find the slide show on your index page a bit too fast, and the 'woosh' back to the beginning is annoying.
  • A comma is missing here: WHEN YOUR BUSINESS HAS A LIGHTBULB, WE CAN HELP TURN IDEAS INTO REALITY - and personally, I've never heard of 'someone having a 'lightbulb'
  • I'd change the first nav item from "Firm" to "home' or 'about us' - 'Firm' looks kind of odd, mainly because it's next to the 'firm' in 'law firm'.
  • The purple of the visited link on the gray background on the 'overview' page is very hard to read. There should be more contrast.
  • Since there is no left bar on the 'professionals' page, the content looks a bit off balance.
  • When clicking between the different navigation items, the page jumps and moves left-right. (media center seems to be the page with the problem)
  • The site uses tables for layout. Tables are meant to be used for tabular data only. For layout, a properly designed website should be using CSS
  • Several validation errors - one mistake is that you are using an XHTML doctype, but not all your elements have the required closing tag. ( For example: some meta tags, img tags - I'd run the site though the validator and see what corrections can be made.

Overall so, the look is clean and simple.




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