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Please Review My New Web Site

Guest mikefarkas

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You didn't read the forum rules - especially the part about validating first, did you?


Where is your doctype?


You are using deprecated tags, and misusing tables for layout.


The page is image based. When images are disabled, there is NOTHING to look at or read. What are text readers, the vision impaired, and also VERY important, spiders going to 'read'???


I'm thinking that if a link/button has to come with the direction to "Click Here", something is wrong. Most people nowadays know how and when to click - and have seen a couple navigation menus. And why would you want me to only click on 2 of the 5 buttons?


Where is the 'home' button on the sub-pages?


All pages took a while to come up, but that may be my computer.


From a webdesign point, you're violating pretty much every modern standard. It's not a website, it's a piece-milled image.

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