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Raphael framework


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I just encountered a new JS framework, and would like to know if anyone here has used it. It's called "Raphael", and its purpose is the creation of vector graphics on a web page. It seems to have potential, and outputs VML to IE and SVG to everyone else, so it is fairly compatible.


Does anyone have some experiences to share with Raphael?



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Never hear of it.


These days, JQuery seems to be the number one framework with several of the major players adopting it.


... I actually plan on creating a few videos on the subject.




It doesn't seem to be that kinda of framework :)


Where jQuery is a means of abstracting away browser differences and some of the rough edges of DOM scripting, Raphael is a way of creating and writing to a canvas element, creating vector graphics within a webpage. From what I've read, it looks like it can be used with jQuery or whatever framework you want.


Perhaps framework isn't the right word. "Library" might be more apt. I use jQuery for everything these days, you won'y find a bigger evangelist for it than me :)

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