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Why Is This Div Not Centering In Ie6 And Android?


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Does anyone know why the text block div isn't centering? (Horizontally)


www.sheffieldfurniture .com/stickleysale/


Also, what have you guys found to be the best way to diagnose these types of problems? I find Firebug or Chrome developer tools to be a great way to dig into issues but what do you do when it's an IE6 issue?! Thanks for any help anyone can give!

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You need to double check you math. You have a table width set 777 but you only have one cell that is set for 531. Once I matched that up it centered correctly.


As for IE6...pointless. The market share fell below 2% and is grossly outdated. I haven't coded for IE6 in almost 2 years.

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