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  1. This question is regarding the homepage of sheffieldfurniture .com - Does anyone have any idea what in the world is going on? The text is simply placed in a fixed width div with margin auto. It looks fine on all the browsers I checked on Windows & Mac as well as IOS but the stock Android (Jelly Bean) browser screws it all up! Any ideas?
  2. Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out how I would make an image quiz like the one found here http://www.ethanallen.com/style_quiz This seems to be made in Javascipt, unfortunately I only know HTML & CSSIs there any kind of framework that would facilitate something like this? Also, I was thinking of making a non image type "quiz" where you went through various questions and it gave you your result at the end, any framework for that? Thanks for any help
  3. Does anyone know why the text block div isn't centering? (Horizontally) www.sheffieldfurniture .com/stickleysale/ Also, what have you guys found to be the best way to diagnose these types of problems? I find Firebug or Chrome developer tools to be a great way to dig into issues but what do you do when it's an IE6 issue?! Thanks for any help anyone can give!
  4. Ok Thanks! Yeah, I've dabbled with OSCommerce and Magento, both were absolute HEADACHES which is why I'm hesitant to use them. Does anyone have any suggests of a good clean simple shopping cart CMS? I'm also looking into Shopping Cart/Catalogue Plugins for Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla.... I really wish I could just download a simple "PHP catalogue" template. One page with a category menu and a search bar. Argg.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I'm looking into Magento right now. Just not sure if a full blown CMS is going to be overkill and require a lot of customization
  6. Hey all! Ok here's the deal, I'm a front end web designer (HTML + CSS = PHP/MYSQL/RUBY/JAVA = I work for a furniture retailer and we want to be able to have a database of all of the pieces we carry so people can browse around and search. We don't currently need a shopping cart but may go that route down the road. We just need to be able to (as easily as possible) Add items and images and then be able to display them in a categorized & searchable fashion. Should We just look on Elance for someone to design a backend? Is there some kind of Open source or already available solution for this? Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give
  7. sheffieldfurniture.com/furniture/bedroom.html Here's the actual page, the reason it's overlapping is because it's a fixed position div
  8. UPDATE: Ok I've found out how to control scaling using <meta name = "viewport" content = "initial-scale = .25, minimum-scale = .25, maximum-scale= .25, width = device-width"> but now now that I look at it, it's really tiny and annoying not being able to scale. My second idea was to use this meta tag to restrict scaling to a certain extent and then make the background of the menu div white so it then becomes a sort of fixed menu overlay. (See screenshot below) Does anyone have a better idea? Also, when I tested this on IOS devices the menu was floated toward the center/middle of the screen and was much more awkward and distracting. Any ideas/advice would be much appreciated! Thanks
  9. Alright, so I'm implementing a “fixed floating menu” that you can see here http://jqueryfordesigners.com/fixed-floating-elements/ Here's the page sheffieldfurniture.com/furniture/bedroom.html It works great on desktop and looks great on mobile devices (IOS, Android) ...as long as you don't zoom in on the page. When you zoom on a mobile device the fixed element begins covering the other page content, as it should since it's fixed to a certain place on the viewport. Is there a way to keep users from zooming? Any ideas? Thanks! See below for screen shots. Initial view is fine Zoom in and things get ugly
  10. Hey guys, as always I’m trying to do something seemingly simple and am having some bizarre issues ☺ I’m just trying to make a simple image grid without using tables. sheffieldfurniture.com/imagegrid/furniture.html First issue is, why is there a space between the images here? (in most browsers) It seems like it’s adding a margin although Chrome developer tools is not saying that the images have any margin applied to them. I do want to have the images spaced out but I can’t do the math necessary for doing that if some browsers are going to be randomly adding a margin. sheffieldfurniture.com/imagegrid/furniturefloat.html I was able to fix this by floating everything left. Is this the proper fix? It still bugs me that I couldn’t figure out why the images had space in-between Let me know if I’m going about this wrong, is this how you guys would do a simple images grid? Also, I suck at math, how would you go about determining how large to make the images and how much margin? The parent container will be 960 Pixels and I’d like rows of 5 across to be centered
  11. My host told me that there is no way I can do anything on there end other than changing the files to .asp and adding a .asp redirect (which defeats the purpose of a 301 since the search engines will see the .asp file extension as different content) My domain is hosted with a different company (godaddy) and they said i should just do a permanent redirect through Godaddy but I've heard that isnt an actually way to do a 301. Im so confused. Maybe I'll just do rel=canonical
  12. arg that sounds.... troublesome...Maybe ill just do up a rel=canonical?
  13. Ok I’ve been doing web design for quite some time but haven’t ever needed to do 301 redirect a site before…I have someone who took over a company and also changed the company name so the entire website and domain name has changed. I need to 301 redirect the old site to the new. I know I could just throw an ASP or PHP 301 redirect BUT the problem is that the files are HTML. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose if I changed all the file names to .ASPX and then redirected them to the new site? All the new .ASPX pages would be seen as new (or worse duplicate) content form google! How in the world am I supposed to 301 redirect html pages? Thanks for any help guys Seriously.
  14. So I've been reading a lot about CSS and tableless web design and I really really want to master this. I'm working on a website and WOW everything seems way harder than it should be. Trying to figure out what my problem is..maybe I'm thinking about things the wrong way? See below for link, does that seem like a logical way to set up a tableless design? My current issue. On the bottom footer..I'd like those images to Align to the BOTTOM of the div. WHY IS THAT SO HARD?! Ha or am I just looking at it the wrong way? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! http://s278616331.onlinehome.us/other%20sites/chadtest/
  15. Hey, yeah I thought about that but then whenever you click on another thumbnail ..whatever image that was loaded into the div would fade out and you would see the original background image... Hmmm
  16. Ok so I am using “Image Thumbnail Viewer II” from Dynamic Drive http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex4/thumbnail2.htm I would like to make it so when the page is loaded..There is an image already in the "Display Div" I don't want just a couple thumbnails and a big blank page...Its a bit confusing for someone if they think something else is supposed to load. Does anyone know how I can have a certain image autoload? see below for example of what I have. Thanks!!! http://s278616331.onlinehome.us/other%20sites/jpf/
  17. Ok I’m not totally sure what it is called..but I’ve seen it on quite a few sites.. See store.motorola.com and scroll down and click on one of the items.. >MOBILE PHONES >ACCESSORIES >BLUETOOTH HEADSETS etc… How would I recreate this type of Div resizing and animation? And what is it called? Ha. Thanks for any help Jon
  18. BAM!!! How'd you find that? In the code or did you right click? I tried right clicking and it wasn't working hehe. Im guessing those dots are used as a custom list item image? or maybe just placed embedded into the page
  19. COOL, Ill have to try that later...I thought for sure those dots were an image.. CSS is sweet! Now what about the triangular dots in-between each menu item? Is that an image or can you use some type of styled bullet in CSS? THANKS!
  20. Hey guys, I just saw a really cool, clean menu on a site and was wondering how in the world I would replicate it? the site is kineda.com I believe this site was made with Wordpress but I'm trying to see how I can make this type of menu myself (HTML,CSS ect) I know i could make a menu like that with rollover images but I'd like to keep my links all text based for SEO reasons. Does anyone know how I could make this? Thanks for any help
  21. hmm So its really pretty complicated? I figured it wouldn't be that bad since i see advertisements all the time that obviously are aware of my location...whats up with that?
  22. Hey guys, I?m taking care of a website for a company that has locations in two general locations (The Philadelphia/NJ area and the DC/VA/MD area) I would like it so when the user clicks ?Sales & Events? they are directed to the sales & events at the location they are closest to (Either the Philly/NJ or the DC,VA,MD area) Is there any way to effectively do this or will I need to create some type of gateway page so they can choose their location? I?m sorry if this is not in the right part of the Forum but if this is possible, I don?t know what type of scripting would be used? Thanks for any and all help! Jon
  23. Ok this is a weird and annoying problem. The ?Site Overlay? Feature of google anaylitics does not work at all for the main (Index.html) page of my site ( http://www.sheffieldfurniture.com ) It just shows 0 clicks for every link?This is annoying because the index page is what I am most interested in. The anaylitic code is the same as all the other pages of my site?. Thanks all
  24. Wow Cool! Thanks! I got it working! http://www.sheffieldfurniture.com There are 2 things though... 1. Is there any way that I can make this so I dont need to change EACH PAGE (I used dreamweaver find and replace but its still a pain in the butt to upload all 200 some pages to my FTP site.) I dont think I can use an Iframe because its a dropdown menu...or a frame for that matter! 2. It dosen't work in IE6. Anyone have an idea why? THANKS EVERYONE!
  25. HOPEFULLY SOMEONE can help! I?ve got in way over my head while trying to implement a new CSS menu for my website? I used the menu that can be found here. http://www.lwis.net/free-css-drop-down-menu/ (Adobe.com Theme) So..I edited all the CSS, Menu Code and added images instead of text for the menu.. I got the menu working great! The only problem is when I tried to incorporate it into my site I encountered problems?(I think it has to do with my sites style sheet and the style sheet for the menu) Whenever I place the menu on a page its screws up the formatting of all the text on the page! I narrowed the problem down to the CSS file listed below http://sheffieldfurniture.com/cssmenu/dropdown/themes/adobe.com/helper2.css I narrowed the line of code that is causing the problem to this * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } When this CSS file is linked to my page looks like this (Notice the menu is aligned to the top properly but text spacing below is messed up and some of it is Italic?.) See Below http://sheffieldfurniture.com/main/rugtest.html NOW?.If I remove the * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } From the css file (helper2.css) All together than my page looks GREAT!! The only problem is my menu doesn?t align to the top properly! See below http://sheffieldfurniture.com/main/rugtest2.html I?m not sure if I need to just fix the CSS file or just remove the * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } and edit some code on my page to allow it to align top?Can anyone please help!? Thanks in advance for anyone patient enough to look into this issue!
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