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Just wondering if anyone ever tackled this? Passing logged in information across subdomains.


Session info is not carried across sub-domains. So am just wondering how others have tackled this?


I wanted to use subdomains like Craigslist and other sites do, to handle Major locations as in NYC.domain.com, losangeles.domain.com and so on....


Am forever a newbie:)


Am creating a site called thetommer.com, pretty much like craigslist, gets old just reading about php and mysql, I figure might as well do a pet project. And since I got layoff, I have plenty of free time.




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OK, nevermind, I decided to go with subfolders, for each city


Don't feel like writing a script to track logged user nor sessions. Besides, am not sure of the effect of Interlinking subdomains. Am afraid google might flag it is as some kind of spam.:cool:

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