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SEO & how KS will define "Keywords"


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The subject of SEO keeps raising its head in this forum so I would like to set a couple of things straight:


  1. You might say that Administrators & Moderators of this forum do not buy into the concept of "SEO Experts."
  2. We have had some confusion of late with new members claiming that "Keywords" are valuable and as we argued it seemed we were discussing different areas. So allow me to specify the terms to be used in the posts to avoid further confusion.

  • Meta Keywords: These are the keywords used in the Meta tags at the header area of a web page.
  • Content Keywords: These are important descriptive words used in either the header tags (H1 - H6) or in the actual content.

So to keep us all on the same page, please specify which keywords you mean when posting or replying.


Thank you.

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