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I get a kick out of this, just never ranted on it before.


Firefox is abbreviated FX. That is what it is and that is what it always has been. Yet regardless of how often I reply with FX... no one asks or comments and most importantly, no one catches on.


So because I am bored and a stickler and this should have been pointed out much more before millions of people got it wrong... I am pointing it out now.


Firefox is abbreviated FX


Is this important? Who knows. But considering that a few idiots who call themselves reporters mis identified Crackers as Hackers many years ago and now Hackers are blamed for anything bad on the net... I bet they would say it is important because they could proudly sat they are Hackers and not get stoned if someone way back when had corrected the fact that Crackers hack web sites to do damage and harm. Hackers hack web sites only on request to help people recover info or test security for the owners. Instead they are branded the bad guys and no one knows Crackers exist.


So yea, may be the right abbreviation will be important one day, I bet the reports blew it off as unimportant to.


How do I capitalize Firefox? How do I abbreviate it?


Only the first letter is capitalized (so it's Firefox, not FireFox.) The preferred abbreviation is "Fx" or "fx". - Mozilla FAQ


As far back as 2005 people have been trying to correct the misuse http://www.iwdn.net/archive/index.php/t-1317.html


I am sure it is way to late to change anything, but at least developers can do it right if we are trying to rewrite the web correctly, we should name the browsers correctly


PS - it is a graphic browser, making it a subset of "User Agents." (Graphic browsers are what you know as browsers, but there are text browsers like Linx that show no images so are text browsers.)


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