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Background image and colored text issues

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Okay so I'm new to CSS but I have figured out how to get the background image to show up, but I can't change to font color so that way people can see what is going on. I am trying to get a "widget" on a site that uses CSS to customize pages.


This is what I have so far in the Custom Widget:



<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><img src="http://th00.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2012/128/f/f/wolf_paw_custom_background_box_by_wildwolvess-d4c4fnp.png"></div></div><div class="gr-box">












So if anyone can help me, that would be great, but if not, then I can probably change the background image.

The font is a default of black. I would love it to be white.

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I think gffects has it wrong.


Assuming it's the color of the word "link" you want to change, you need to look for create


in your css:


.gr-box {


(Adding 'font' in front of the color isn't wrong, but it's not really necessary.)

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