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  1. You can surely be a good developer If you are passionate about your work. Just need to develop your skills much more than the prevailing developers if you plan to build a browser. You can start with C++,C#, JAVA, PHP it will help you develop your skills
  2. Hey you definitely can become a web designer. Age, gender are no criteria for it. You just need to brush up some web designing skills like PHP, ASP.net,HTML, CSS etc. If you are creative, imaginative have good color sense and ideas you can start with web designing. Just try to design few pages and implement your ideas,create a portfolio and go ahead.
  3. First you need to have good imagination and creativity skills to start with web designing as web designing is an art. Technical knowledge is simply not enough. But yes you need to learn basic HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP. NET, all this will surely help.There are many content management systems available that handle the coding and everything themselves you just need to have a plan and a clear idea about what kind of website you want to design.
  4. I don't think it really matters with the broad scope and massive audience and customers available directly through web and the varied and powerful tools present, you can start with your website designing business from where you currently are. What matters is your creativity, design ideas and some design portfolios.
  5. When we talk about keywords we actually talk about both meta keywords as well as keywords important in your content. Meta keywords are not given any importance by Google but there are other search engines which give little importance to them . But the keywords in your content are very important because that is the way your site will be indexed and searched for.Avoid keyword stuffing.
  6. You can just go to your style sheet, select the paragraph or division in which you want to make desired color changes. Just change the color code in that and the effects will be shown on your website.
  7. The Best CMS for E-commerce websites are Joomla and Magento. I have used both and they are the finest CMS available for your eCommerce needs.
  8. In my opinion Joomla has a fairly upper hand when it comes to developing and designing websites. WordPress is good for blogs. But if you want to design a website for E-commerce, Education , non-profit or Government Joomla is undoubtedly the best choice. It is very secure, user friendly and flexible.
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