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I am currently working on a template, that I purchased for a client. I am trying to change the page design from a 2 column to a 1 column. Every time I start to change the page layout it changes everything on every other page. If I were to copy the css code for that page , copy it and change the name would I then be able to make changes without effecting other pages?


Looking at my css page it is very confusing to figure what each css code refers to. There is way too much going on.

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If you change the name of the stylesheet and the link of that page you're working on to match, then changes in it would not affect the rest of the page. that is, however, not ideal, as any changes you might ever want on the entire site would have to be done in both stylesheets.


Or you can give your page a different id (<body id="different"> and then apply your CSS changes only to #different whatever {......


Maybe you should cover a few CSS tutorials and at least understand the basics before venturing out on client projects?

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