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I would like to create a sliding header for my website. I am making it with weebly. They have the possibility for html ( i think also css)

This is my first website.

Can anyone tell me where to start looking ( tried googling, but not familiar with the terminology I guess)


p.s. if free is better...


kind regards



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Generally what you want is a "Marquee."




There is a < Marquee > tag created by Netscape many years ago, it is generally been retired and never became a standard.




Then there is Flash of course, create it or look for a free Flash film on line where you can change the text.




Then there is HTML 5 which may have something but I rather doubt it as it is a bad idea, hence don't.




See this is a trouble area, it is a question of Accessibility & Usability. See if I can get the jist of it explained without my usual "Preaching." You can find most of it and allot more under the Accessibility Board. Usability is the concept of the web site being usable by the user. Accessibility is the concept of making the web site usable to those with special needs, aka. disabled, aka. other-abled... This runs the gamot from colorblindness, physical issues (like not being able to work a mouse), blindness (Having a screen reader read the web site to you), poor vision, to mental issues like Dyslexia, attention deficits, reading difficulties on to completely different issues like foreign languages.


Specifically your issues: Many folks find unneeded movement on a web site to be irritating, but if you have a reading issue, attention issue and some forms of Autism, it can be really difficult to concentrate on what you wish to read with something moving around and distracting you. A person who's language is not whatever (I assume English) may have trouble if the text is moving. Then there are issues like speed, it will be to fast for some and too slow for others.


Marquee is outdated, limited and not standard. Flash will work, it is a matter of how much text is involved. But consider that many mobile devices like cell phones do not support Flash or do not support it well. Months ago Adobe announced they would no longer support Flash for mobile devices making it of dying use. They seem to have changed their minds recently at least for Tablets however so that story is not ended yet. Adobe has stated that much of what they created Flash for can now be done in HTML 5, just remember that HTML 5 is not the standard yet, but can be used now in most browsers.


Another format is Silverlight, but I know next to nothing about how to create anything with it.


But in the end it is about the User, does this moving banner improve their ability to use the web site? If not and it may7 actually make use of the web site more difficult, is it worth it? Remember we build web sites for the user to get the info/service/item they want quickly & efficiently, not for entertainment. The best Flash is only interesting for a short time and then it is repetitive & boring. These are just general ideas, any one specific moving header/banner may or may not meet these points and meet them better or worse. Ask yourself if you just think it would be "Cool" or if it would really help the user do what they wish to do?

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