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How to send info from my website


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I didnt know how to explain my question shortly so I couldnt find

Information about it in google.


My question is - what should I do to make a system where people can send information to

my e-mail. There would be boxes where people write their name, adress and others things

and when they, for example, confirm, all this info is somehow sent to e-mail adress.

What kind of scripting language should I use? I really hope that it is possible in Javascript

because I dont feel really comfortable in php...


Thank you!

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AT first you need to create a form with necessary fields. You have to use a server side scripting language like php to process the data entered by someone in the form to send it to an email address. However Javascript is a client side scripting language . It never work as server side activities. php beats cool . lets try once :)

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First you need to create a form on your website with require field boxes & link your form to your mail id. so whenever people visit your site & have any query they will contact you through the form... Java scripts helps you a lot in it because jave script is a client side scripting language....



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