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Beginner onmouse java question with code


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Just a technicality, but it can cause confusion.


This is JavaScript (JS) - it is a scripting language from Netscape.


Java is a Programming language from Sun Microsystems.


They are two different critters.

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document.write() is deprecated and is poor form. It works by immediately inserting text into the document while it is still being rendered by the browser - in this case, you're calling it after the document is loaded, so it ha nowhere to write to.


Try this:


function mouseOver()
function mouseOut()


That should give you a popup when you go in and out of the area.

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What browser are you using to test in? If you're using IE, I would strongly suggest that you download Firefox, and use Firebug for Javascript debugging. Its error messages are much, much better than IE's.


This would not have shown up though. A debugger can only tell you when you've made a syntax error. This is a logic error - you're writing to a document that is already rendered.


Do you have past experience programming? If not, I would actually suggest learning PHP before learning Javascript. PHP is more "traditional" and has better documentation. A lot of people, including people who write tutorials, write very poor javascript.

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