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Complex email forms -please help!


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Hi everyone,


I have posted this question in several forums but have had very little response. I would greatly appreciate someone letting me know which direction I should go in to achieve this task.


I want to have a list of contactable people on my webpage, and for the user to have the option to contact as many or as few as they like in one go by selecting a checkbox next to their name. When you have selected the checkboxes, you click "send" and an automatic email is generated and sent to the people selected. Pretty simple - but I can't work it out. Once I have worked out this bit there will be more complex issues to deal with, but for the time being I want to have:

1. An automatic email that says - "This is my automatic email"

2. Users to be able to select from a list of 10 or so contacts, by ticking checkboxes, and then clicking "send"

3. The automated email is sent to the selected people.


Please please help me with this, I will learn whatever I have to learn - but simply do not know where to start!


Thank you



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