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  1. Hi everyone, I have posted this question in several forums but have had very little response. I would greatly appreciate someone letting me know which direction I should go in to achieve this task. I want to have a list of contactable people on my webpage, and for the user to have the option to contact as many or as few as they like in one go by selecting a checkbox next to their name. When you have selected the checkboxes, you click "send" and an automatic email is generated and sent to the people selected. Pretty simple - but I can't work it out. Once I have worked out this bit t
  2. Hi all, I want to create a form/table or equivalent which lists 50 or so email addresses. The user can then select as many or as few of the email adresses as they like, and then email a file on their computer to all of them in one 'click'. I could do this using checkboxes in html, and run a php script to manage the process; however, I would also like the user to be able to organise the list into categories such as name / location / industry for example - in a similiar manner to how you can group the results of a search in Ebay to Time Remaining / Location etc... The list is predefine
  3. Hi all. I've recently come to basic grips with PHP and Forms. I would like to create something similar to a radio group, in which the user can select multiple email recipients and then click Send to relay a message/attachment to all, and only, the selected. Imagine a radio group numbered 1 through 10, each number represents a different email address - the user can select as many or as few as he likes and then press send to email the attachment to those selected. To clarify: The site allows you to send a .Doc file on your computer to a selection of possible recipients; you select the
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