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Custom Menu in Wordpress , Help :)


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Hi guys!


I bought the wordpress video tutorial bundle here at killersites.com!


So far so good! Great explanation and great tutorial!


But my problem is that i have come to a point were i have to implement my static HTML and CSS navigation

into wordpress!


And i dont know what to do or were to go from here!


My static HTML and CSS looks like this : www.neliuz.com


So far i have done this:


Created the custom navigation inside the wordpress back-end as tutorial describes!

I have made a function inside the function.php file. That looks like this:


if (function_exists('register_nav_menus')) {



'main_nav' => 'Main Navigation Menu'





and also implemented it inside the header.php to call this function:


<?php wp_nav_menu(array('menu'=> 'Main Menu Nav')); ?>

With this code above, there is no HTML to my navigation!

Is there a way to use my custom HTML for my main navigation inside wordpress?


But i can get my menu to appear the way i want!


Cause how i understand it its that wordpress does not see my HTML and thats why i dont see the styling correctly!


Is there anyone that have done something simular or know how to?

I would appreciate it ALOT!


Thanks in advanced!

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I don't have deep information about Wordpress means I am using this CMS since 2016 but not able to customized it. That's why I said that I don't have deep information. I normally use plugins to add or remove the functionality as i don't konw its customization. It much better if you have a plan to use custom CMS than i will never prefer to use open source CMS and than customized it. It more preferable for me that you should to use custom CMS leadconcept(.)com/custom-content-management-system.html instead of open source if you want to required different functionality. Anyways, everyone has its own point of view. Also you sever should be perfect for high level stores or eCommerce sites as they have lot of inventory. A competitive analysis of the RDBMS market over the past 30 years shows a steady growth of Microsoft SQL Server, especially after the release of SQL Server 2000. With Linux support, this growth could be even greater. Anyways, thanks for shairng the nice piece of stuff with us.

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