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How to create Stacked slanted images.


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I want to create this kind of effect with some sites. I can't figure out how to do it and I can't seem to find anything on it. Maybe I am just looking for the wrong thing. This is the effect I am wishing to achieve and maybe you can help me figure out how to achieve it.





I do not own photoshop but i have done this before using paint.net a free software.

the method in doing this is probably the same or at lest give you some inspiration on doing it in photoshop.


In a nutshell you gather your images and make them the same size.

Then the images are cropped in this fashion,making the top and bottom portions transparent.



Then open a new canvas much larger than the images and open each image in a separate layer and position them as you like.




Hope this helps.

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I greatly exaggerated the amount that needs to be cropped a little goes a long way, and sometimes you have to prepare the image to accommodate the cropped area.using this method. And i do understand your concerns as per your example which contains text and columns and at the present time i do not have an answer.But I will look into it.Maybe one of the photoshop gurus around here could be more help.

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Is it possible to do with out cutting off the image?


I think what you want to do is skew the images:

How you skew your image to make it appear foreshortened depends on your program.

If you're using Inkscape, click the "Object" menu's "Transform" command, then click the "Skew" tab. Type in numbers roughly between 5 and 15 for the "Vertical" and "Horizontal" text boxes to specify the skew angle, then click "Apply." The image you loaded will display the skewed effect.

If you're using GIMP, click the tool palette icon shaped like a trapezoid to run the "Shear" tool, then drag on the image to skew it.

For Photoshop, click the "Edit" menu's "Free transform" command, then right click your image. Click the "Skew" or "Perspective" commands, then drag the handles on the bounding box surrounding the image to preform

the skew.

For paint.net, select zoom and rotate in the layers drop down menu.

I quickly did this one in paint.net


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