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Learning web application development

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I learnt php mysql basics and am able to code php mysql basically. Now I am trying to learn oop php as well as php higher structures. But I feel that I am not able to create web application .I don't know how to learn web application development or how to make a web application with php mysql.I am just having to how to code.I am not getting in its practical usage. Hope I would get helpful suggestion .

Thanks in advance .


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Careful with your terms, you may confuse yourself.


PHP is a web programming language.


OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is more a pattern or structure used when programming, it is one of many. OOP is not specific to PHP, any language can use it.



SQL is a Database language that comes in many flavors.


MySQL is one of these flavors that is the standard for most normal folk.


PHP MySQL is the name of a database program used by many hosts as I recall.


Defining an application or web application is a very grey area.


Any good program is separated into 3 parts:

  1. Front End (GUI, Look & Feel)
  2. Business Logic
  3. Data (Data Base)

Your front end is just what the user sees, HTML, images, colors, controls.


Business logic is the logic behind the request, this is generally your PHP scripts requesting and comparing etc. The PHP usually uses a form of SQL.


SQL is the actual language that queries the data base for the info and returns it to the PHP scripts, this is the database part.


As for the application, you can use PHP and SQL to manipulate data in a database through use of a web site's form and many would call that an application, I am involved with a project that has a Flex front end, business logic is handled by Java and SQL/Oracle for the data layer and all accessed through a web browser window. To me that is an application, or web application. A form is just part of a web site.


So in the end it is a question of what do YOU mean by "Web Application?" I personally do not consider PHP to be an application development language, for me that would be Java, C#, C/C++ etc., but many would argue that point.

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