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I like the navigation with the rounded corners, though I agree that if they were boxy they wouldn't look good; if the audience uses IE then consider creating this effect with images?


the thing that I would change in the navigation are the arrows, they are pointing down, as far as I'm aware those indicate that there is a drop-down menu - so maybe change them ponting right


i love the banner, the logo (scs) is not great. if are going to use the house on the right forever (which looks great) MAYBE use the color of the house to create the logo.


the font size should be bigger. You used <span> for your sub-headings, you should use a heading (<h1>-<h6>) and and you should add a bit off margin at the top and bottom of your headings.


it be great if you styled your contact form


overall it feels great and the main thing you need to change is the font size.

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