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  1. hey guys, i've created a few "gag-sites", to redirect people to, for various reasons, such as http://whiny.me/ what i'm NOT happy with, is the wording of the "self-help plan". i feel it's a little on the "dark" or "violent" side, but i still want it to be whitty and sarcastic and clever. does any one have any ideas as to how to pull it off? thanks.
  2. i would get rid of the text-decoration for links (text-decoration: none;), and make the images the same width, as well as the text containers.
  3. the blue heading does not fit the green header and footer. i would also capitalize the first letter of each word in the heading, so users can quickly make out what the domain name spells.
  4. man ... you've got SKILLS. i love the design, and i'm going to keep your site in my bookmarks in case i ever get to hire a designer. the only peice of advice i have to offer is that the popout menus are not mobile friendly - but at least the main menu entry is clickable - some doing even do THAT much. well done!
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