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  1. Hi As far as I know github is created to share code. As a result I do not have an account on it. recently I was trying to find a Wordpress theme that I created few month a go and I could not find the final version anywhere - this happens to me all the time - I back things up and the somehow disappear or simply I unintentionally replace important code and so forth I just thought - simply to back things up and manage my personal code (privately) can I use github? Would I not be violating any 'rules' and would me code (privately) be safe I did try to search this but I did not find a clear cut answer, as it seems that github is advertised as a social code sharing service. Thanks
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    I am sorry for the title, my hand shuck and pressed the return key before writing the title I wanted: I started reading the Move the web forward website: http://movethewebforward.org/ : and on the "What should you write about?" section I read this: "How a popular website implements its homepage (with suggestions for improvement)". To me that sounds like writing a tutorial on something like "how to achieve the same slideshow as the one on the bbc.co.uk home page." I wanted to ask, have I understood the statement well or would I be doing something wrong if I write tutorials along the lines to what I described above. Or do you know what the people at move the web forward mean by "How a popular website implements its homepage (with suggestions for improvement)" if it is not what I just (tried to) explained? Thanks
  3. after you click on save as, you give it a name and then at the bottom change the file format from rich text to html
  4. So the email would be more like "I featured your site [here]" or "I will feature the site [here]". Rather than saying "can I feature your site" Ok thanks a lot.
  5. Hi I am going to start blogging in the new year. I have planed on what I want to write about and I just want to ask whether there are things that I need to think about before starting: These are the things that I am thinking of posting in my blog: A showcase are - where I share graphic design I find around the web (with a link to the original source - Do I need to ask the authors permition before I submit their work in my blog? Also I want to share any useful thing I find, for example of a useful js library amerges I want to say, that it is out and click here to go there Plus I will be writing my own content, like tutorial Basically this website kind of has everything that I might want to do http://veerle.duoh.com/design : so my only question do I need to ask the original source. one example: if I want to tell the readers that they should check out killersites.com; do I need to ask Stefan whether I can snap a screenshot at add it to my site. thanks
  6. Hi, I have a php file on my web server which would generate xml code so that I can use in in my tumblr blog. this is the code I have <?php header("Content-Type: text/xml; charset=ISO-8859-1"); $rssfeed = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>'; $rssfeed .= '<library> <book isbn10="1234567890" isbn13="1234567890123"> <title>PHP and MySQL</title> <author fname="miguel" lname="alvarez">Miguel Alvarez</author> <publisher>WebHole</publisher> <price>1.99</price> </book> <book isbn10="8957468873" isbn13="0984837828189"> <title>JAVA 123</title> <author fname="william" lname="vega">WIlliam Vega</author> <publisher>WebHole</publisher> <price>2.99</price> </book> </library>'; echo $rssfeed; ?> I then want to access this with js. The problem is that I can not access this from another server. is there a way to make this php files accessible by another server? Thanks
  7. So the idea of going with Wordpress you are isolated - is there anything in that. So if I post something in tumblr, people will see it quicker and if I post in wordpress (hosted in my website) it would be like speaking to my self - because I small blog in google search can't really rank that high I know I dont want a big blog but it would be nice to know that at least a person or two sees it. Apart from these uncertainties, I too love wordpress more than other two as I use wordpress in my localhost and know the power and organization it has. What do you think Thanks a lot for your help by the way
  8. Thanks @Eric At least this "fear" that I have that it be better to go with posterous/tumblr rather than wordpress; does it stand, Or am I talking rubbish. So for a blogger that is seeking what I am seeking, is the choice of platform as an issue as I am making it to be - or should just go with wordpress and see where it goes (I know how to use all three)
  9. The way I do it is instead of using id="wrap" I use a class="wrap". for example: .wrap{ width:940px; margin:auto; } #header{ width:100%; background:...; ....;} <body> <div class="wrap"> <!-- navigation/logo here --> </div> <div id="header"> <div class="wrap"> <!-- I assume you still need the wrap for header content, and use header for 100% background --></div> </div> <div class="wrap"> the rest of you content </div> </body And of course you could do the same thing for your footer if you wish
  10. Hi It has been almost a year since I got the desire to start blogging. It would push me to learn more for the sake of writing about it. But I am scared of starting. It seems to be really hard and you would (I assume) have to be organized and committed to make it work Few months a go I started using tumblr just to share images that I liked. And I was amazed how fast people started liking them and rebloging my shares (and it only looks like a big deal on the dashboard). So I thought would tumblr be a good enough platform to start blogging? I am thinking of a blog where I would share what I am working on. short tutorials, for example 5 ways to use a PHP array, which you can imagine that being slightly longer than this entry. My dream is not be to a big blog with a lot of followers (in fact if you said I can make that happen for you, I would say "no thanks") I am not good enough to write for a large audience (or any one at the moment), but a blog might help me personally and any beginner that may happen to stumble across the blog. Like a personal notes that if anyone else finds them useful "good for them" On the other hand, if in two years time I become a good writer and have more to say, would this blow the chances of saying "OK this is the last post on tumblr, if you want more of me go to ... (wordpress blog)" The thing is a tumblr blog with no comments or likes, feels better than a wordpress blog with no comments. I am asking because I have not seen any tumblr blog where the author writes tutorials - or is it that I can't find them. I hope you get my worries and hopefully you can give me some cool advice Thanks so much
  11. Apart from the fact that there isn't enough color contrast, which makes the content slightly harder to read, it looks great - the same problem is with the contact form, it is hard to see the input fields
  12. I like the navigation with the rounded corners, though I agree that if they were boxy they wouldn't look good; if the audience uses IE then consider creating this effect with images? the thing that I would change in the navigation are the arrows, they are pointing down, as far as I'm aware those indicate that there is a drop-down menu - so maybe change them ponting right i love the banner, the logo (scs) is not great. if are going to use the house on the right forever (which looks great) MAYBE use the color of the house to create the logo. the font size should be bigger. You used <span> for your sub-headings, you should use a heading (<h1>-<h6>) and and you should add a bit off margin at the top and bottom of your headings. it be great if you styled your contact form overall it feels great and the main thing you need to change is the font size.
  13. That's great. Thanks; for some reason the styling of wordpress themes dont seem to work. However I'll look into that, thanks
  14. I agree that if you had tabular data then their is no reason why not to just use the <table> tags, where as the display:table; must be a general style that can be used for any type of data
  15. Thanks virtual, yes it was wrong of me to call that a bug and the reasons to use floats over tables sounds logical (and I guess that's why I have not used it) however, I had a look at the source code of the new boagworld website (amazing design) and I noticed that he uses css tables a lot, for things that do not look like table related - So I wondered if that was the new trend
  16. Hi I normally use floats and never used css tables (apart from when I played around with them). Now as far as I know using this method (display:table; ) instead of float:left could be a better solution. For example one little bug that I find I get with floats is that I need to remember to add a clear:both to various elements or/and have a <div class="clear">. I have a feeling that the display table might be a lot easier - however I am not sure So is there a reason to use floats rather than css tables? I am asking as to be honest I haven't seen it being used that much when ever I try to look at the code on different site (then again for some reason I don't do that as much as I should) Thanks for your help
  17. Hi I got my first mac few months back and been using MAMP for my websites. I just read an article that said that I could enable "web sharing" from the preferences. This would enable me to view the websites from my mac on my PC. However, this only allowed me to view HTML files. So is there a way to share the MAMP websites? so that I would not only be sharing html but also php and mysql. As I said this is very new to me so I am sorry if I am not using the correct terminology, I hope you can help Thanks
  18. maybe try this $query = "UPDATE student SET stuno='{$studno}', ....."; so put your ids within those curly brakets as if you don't then your ids are treated as string (normal text); I think if you change WHERE id='1'; you will see what I mean (if i'm right that is)
  19. I wonder how this reputation thing works?

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  20. if you want to create your own wordpress theme (similar to your site) then it would be easier to work in a localhost MAMP/WAMP as this way you would work a lot faster. The way I work is that for every major functionality I create I run it in the browser - for example when get the wordpress posts, instead of trusting that it does work, I like to see it in the browser. If you are going to do that then you do need MAMP/WAMP as otherwise you would spend a lot of time loading/uploading files to and from your server that is how we had to work at school, it consumes a lot of time. I know that you can edit the wordpress files within wordpress dashboard (something like that) but never tried it. MAMP/WAMP help to safe time I use xampp for windows http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html I cant remember why I switched from wamp (but it might have been a good reason).
  21. That's very helpful I think I read somewhere that you need to have permission (copyright) to use the font in the website. I want to use @font-face only for my personal projects. Overall is there any copyright laws that I need to be careful about or have I misread what every I am referring to. Also you mentioned that the flash based method is out of fashion, do you think that the image replacement method is out of fashion as well? as I have few sites in my portfolio that I have used that method Thanks for the advice
  22. Hi I normally use the image replacement method which text is indented to -9999px and adding the images. Though I know there are other methods, and the @font-face which sounds very cool, then there is the other one with flash (though never used that) We are in 2011 and I have google searched this topic and everything seems to have been written in 2009 - So because there is a very big difference between web today and the web of 2009, Which font embeding method is most reliable to use today Thanks a lot
  23. Hi I have seen that some websites have a portfolio as their home page and have their blog either as a sub-domain or as another page, so something like: A) killersites.com/blog B ) blog.killersites.com Is there a logical reason why one would use A or B? Thanks
  24. the inline does the same thing you did with the thumbnails - it will display them horizontally. So saying ul li{float:left;} is the same as ul li{display:inline;} But I never used the inline (I am used to the floating way) so I am not 100% sure whether it's a good idea or not use this to quickly test any css you are not sure off http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/tryit.asp?filename=trycss_display_inline
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