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  1. Hi Folks! my work can be seen on www.nebuladesigns.co.za

  2. Thank you. It looks the way it should. Very appreciative.
  3. This is not easy at all. My tutorial 2 is not looking like the example. Where do I place the id's #navigation and #centerDoc? Everywhere I put them, it doesn't work. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I am so new to this. I'm going to try to upload my html document and my css document. Please help:( mypractice.html myCSS.css
  4. Fiaz Thank you! That helped tremendously and everything is working properly so far.
  5. I'm trying to complete the first css tutorial on how-to-build-websites.com. I'm working on a mac and I think the problem is when I have to save it. The practice HTML says for me to create a new text document and save it as "practiceHTML.htm. I did that but I'm writing this code in TextEdit because I don't have notepad. After I saved the document accordingly, an error comes up because the computer wants to save the file as "practiceHTML.htm.rtf" What do I need to change or do to make this work so I can view the webpage? Please help me!
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