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Expression web4 College Course


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Hi I am new to this forum and web design... to cut to the chase I have enrolled onto an intermediate web designers course at college( i was told beginners would be too easy for me) - even though we have had 2 lessons and im sooo confused.


Therefore posting in beginners , th program we are using is expressionweb 4 from dreamsparks... can any one tell me if i have to burn it to CD or DVD then upload. i thought after i downloaded it would come up with a virtual thing?


Sorry if this doesnt make sense , any questions please do not hesitate to ask!!





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I'm not really clear what you're asking, but maybe this helps:


Expressionweb is a program that can be used to design a website, same as Dreamweaver and FrontPage, for example. You either download the program from the internet or buy a CD and then install it on your computer, the same way you install any other program, for example MS Office, Photoshop, Quicken, whatever.


Once it's on your computer, you can use it to build a website by creating .html and .css files, images, etc. Those files need to be uploaded via FTP to a hosting account in order for you to see you website online. Expressionweb stays on your computer, it's only used to build the documents and for its FTP feature.


Does that help?

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Dreamsparks is something MS rolled out a few years ago to allow people download free MS software in exchange that you save and host all your website creation with them. I tried this back then and I really didn't like being restricted but for a guy like you who is only learning this stuff is ideal.


So Andrea is right, when you get the EW4 download, you install it onto your computer. I do recall that you have to burn the downloaded file from Dreamsparks to a cd and then run the cd to install the program.


I believe it's a 3 year commitment with Dreamsparks.

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