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  1. Hi all, Which programes can you use to publish your own websites for business or information ? Can you use Expression Web? Or does it have to be something like Dreamweaver ? What are the rules? Thanks Ree P.S. I am based in the UK
  2. What does someone mean when they say are can't use a particular programme(expression web) for commerical use? Do they mean I can not use the site to make money or I cannot publish the website at all even it is for non profit? I am a bit confused :S Thanks Ree
  3. Thanks guys yes i finally downloaded it !!! yep had to burn to disc then upload it... Is anyone any good at the HTML, CSS Styles..... im a bit confused by all of it still...next lessons 2mrw Thanks Ree
  4. Hi I am new to this forum and web design... to cut to the chase I have enrolled onto an intermediate web designers course at college( i was told beginners would be too easy for me) - even though we have had 2 lessons and im sooo confused. Therefore posting in beginners , th program we are using is expressionweb 4 from dreamsparks... can any one tell me if i have to burn it to CD or DVD then upload. i thought after i downloaded it would come up with a virtual thing? Sorry if this doesnt make sense , any questions please do not hesitate to ask!! Thanks Ree
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