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email service with self domain name


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I'm still not totally sure I understand you correctly. Are you asking how to set up an email account for whatever@mishu.com? Once the email is set up - look at your hosting plan for that, then anyone can send an email to you@mishu.com. How you receive this email is up to you. Your provider will have information and options. Usually, they have some form of webmail service, or you'll find instructions on how to add your email account to your Outlook, phone, or whatever.


Hope this helps. Let me know if I'm still not understanding what you need.

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Thanks a lot Andrea. It's now working. But i can only receive mail from my hosting mail account. I can't to sent email to other mail account from my hosting email account. When i am trying to sending email the following message appear "SMTP Error (550): Failed to add recipient "joy.mishu@gmail.com" (Verification failed for No Such User Here Sender verify failed)"

so how i can sent email to other email account from my hosting mail account?

Check my attachments picture. hope you will understand my problem.

post-35782-042531800 1314596849_thumb.png

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I just sent a test email to the gmail account and joymishu at mishu.elementfx.com. Gmail worked, the other got this error:

SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<joymishu@mishu.elementfx.com>:
host mishu.elementfx.com []: 550 No Such User Here


If your domain is mishu.com, then your email should be somethign@mishu.com. Again, check with your host, whatever the issue is has to do with the email account you're trying to set up.

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I am just trying to learning with my subdomain and my subdomain is www.mishu.elementfx.com

and i am set up <mishu@mishu.elementfx.com> this mail address. So you can send me mail this address. But <joymishu@mishu.elementfx.com> will not work. Why i don't know. This is the default address from my hosting plan & joymishu is the username.

By the way, i am success incomeing mail <mishu@mishu.elementfx.com> with this address but fail for outgoing. I want to success for outgoing, how?

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Yahoooo my problem solved. Andrea, sorry its my fault. Without properly setup my mail account i am trying to sending mail.

Now the mail incoming and outgoing is active with my both address <joymishu@mishu.elementfx.com> & <mishu@mishu.elementfx.com>

you can check it to sent me a test mail. Thanks again.

One question, can i get this incoming & outgoing mail service from my index.php page? I can handel outgoing with the help of mail() function. But i can't to handel incoming. How can i do that?

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