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tHANKS FOR THE PROMP ANSWER!!! hOWEVER I just cant do it, first I thought it was my mac, so I got a PC still cant make it work, so I'll just use mysql and php myadmin from my webhosting company


So again, how do I set DW to test my php scripts from my server (just couldnt make neither wamp or xamp connect to DW? loosing it here guys!! I'M dESIGNER, WHAT SEEMS A PIECE OF CAKE FOR U IS A Big deal for a designer, at least in the beginning, this is hardcore stuff an should've been included in the video tutorial !!!!


Help please!!

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Just so I'm clear, you don't HAVE to connect Dreamweaver to the server. However, it is useful if you want to use Dreamweaver's preview functionality on dynamic websites (though keep in mind that the preview isn't always accurate, and you still need to be testing in a proper browser.)


I'm assuming you are still stuck on your testing server folder question? I just tested things on my Mac, and here is the process I used (Adobe CS4, though I assume it should be similar even if it isn't your exact version for you):


-- Within the "Manage Sites" popup, I started setting up a new website

-- I named my site, and hit "next"

-- I selected "Yes, I do want to use a server technology" and selected PHP/MySQL

-- When asked how I want to work with my files during development, I selected "Edit and test locally"

-- When asked where I wanted to save my files, I selected a location where my server (MAMP) could access the files. For me, that's within /Applications/MAMP/htdocs. In this case, I created a new folder within the htdocs folder just for this project, and selected that folder as the folder where I would store all my files.

-- When asked "How do you connect to your testing server, I selected "Local/Network"

-- When asked what URL would you use to browse to the root of your site, I selected "http://localhost:8888/project_folder_name/" (make sure to include that final "/". In my case, MAMP adds a port number (":8888") on to my localhost URL. You can find out what the path should by by starting MAMP, opening up the application and clicking the "Open start page" button. Make sure this URL is accurate by clicking the "Test Connection" button.

-- When asked "When you are done editing a file, do you want to copy it to another machine?" I selected "No"

-- Hit done

-- Created a test .php file with some sample code, made sure that MAMP was running, and tested.

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If you are using a pc the only thing that is different is in step 5 browse to your wamp folder and choose the www folder and in step 7 use localhost and get rid of the backslashes that dreamweaver has put there. For some reason with the backslashes there does not work. I am also using dreamweaver cs4

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