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  1. None of the above worked, what worked was: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/setup_php.html And I still think you guys should add a video, if I bought your videos I expected not to have to go somewhere else to find stuff (sorry had to vent!) I've lost not days, months!!!!!! trying to figure the above out, so please understand my frustration!
  2. tHANKS FOR THE PROMP ANSWER!!! hOWEVER I just cant do it, first I thought it was my mac, so I got a PC still cant make it work, so I'll just use mysql and php myadmin from my webhosting company So again, how do I set DW to test my php scripts from my server (just couldnt make neither wamp or xamp connect to DW? loosing it here guys!! I'M dESIGNER, WHAT SEEMS A PIECE OF CAKE FOR U IS A Big deal for a designer, at least in the beginning, this is hardcore stuff an should've been included in the video tutorial !!!! Help please!!
  3. This is how I see it: HTML is code that will allow you to place pictures and text, recently video CSS is code will allow you to style the elements inside the HTML code
  4. The author explains how to connect to mysql with PHP, however he doesn't explain what we have to so DW connects to the testing server The necessary info to fill out on DW I assume is: my main question: what do we put on : testing server folder? Testing Server Server Model: PHP MySQL Access: Local Network Testing Server folder: ??????????????????????????????????? url prefix: http://localhost
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