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I was wondering is there a way to show hide a div. What I mean is can I place one div on top of another and have a link button that will click between the divs. I am building a site for my nephew with a light box and would like a better way to move through the imgs. What I did was just make four pages, but on slower coputers there is a flicker when the new page lodes. If you could just point me in the right direction that would be awsome. To look at my page to see what I mean http://www.robertbonnerswebdesigns.com/photo_gallery.htm

PS I did try to use DW show hide element but did not work could be just me.

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Cool, that might work did not even think of a span tag. I am going to try and put 4 divs on top of each other and see if I can make the links show one at a time. I think that code of yours will work with very little changes to what I need it to do. Thanks a bunch!

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Andrea, thanks for the responce. I do agree with you on that having to hover to bring up the next img nav is not good. I got this lightbox code from a open serse site then did some custimizing. It does work pretty good, but I am going to make my own nav imgs and replace them. I think I will place them in the bottom. As far as the large img coverying so much of the browser that is what I see all over for a lightbox. To change this I do not have the javascript skills. I think that I would have to use a disjointed roll over or show hide elmint. My nephew wanted a light box so that is what I went for.

Ps, I hope I worded this right. If not I apologize now.

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