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Sending variables accross files?

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To make this as basic and understandable as I can, how do i take a handful of variables (created FROM a form) and send them to another file that has collected other variables from a second form, so that I can email them all at the same time, instead of two different emails.


So basically is i have $fn, $ln, $phone, $email, stored from one form, and $ftp_un, $ftp_pw, etc from another form, how do i collect them all into one file to be processed? Thanks for the help.


I am thinking in my head there should be a way to take the variables from form1.html, and form2.html, and have them all processed in form_process.php, then on to be emailed.


I remember studying some "constants" and "global variables" but nothing that is ringing a bell. Is constants, or global variables, or custom functions accessible to a file that isn't their source file? I cannot include the file or else i include alot of extra fluff...

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I think you have two ways to approach this:


-- User enters data in the first form. Form submits, PHP is used to process the data (using $_POST[]) and it is stored in hidden inputs within a second form. User submits the second form, and then PHP is used to retrieve the from data, which includes hidden fields from form #1 and visible form fields from form #2.


-- You could also use sessions, and save form fields within variables in the session like Rudyten said above.

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