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  1. Wow! You guys are SMART! Someday...maybe...i'll get there. Thank you so much!!!
  2. This is for all the pro's out there I need a way to create a dropdown box, which i know how to do, but then depending of which value is selected, I need it to display a different "add to cart" button. For example, I need a dropdown called "Language" which has values such as "Spanish" "Italian" and "French". Once a user chooses a language, I need the correct "add to cart" button to display. I don't want 11 different "add to cart" buttons, each giving the user the ability to buy the video in their own language, so i'm needing something clean. Any ideas? Is this a php topic
  3. To make this as basic and understandable as I can, how do i take a handful of variables (created FROM a form) and send them to another file that has collected other variables from a second form, so that I can email them all at the same time, instead of two different emails. So basically is i have $fn, $ln, $phone, $email, stored from one form, and $ftp_un, $ftp_pw, etc from another form, how do i collect them all into one file to be processed? Thanks for the help. I am thinking in my head there should be a way to take the variables from form1.html, and form2.html, and have them all pro
  4. Nice! that got rid of the background color. Now for the position adjustment. Are IE and firefox that far off from each other??
  5. I was wondering if anything has encountered this issue in IE9, which also seems to be there with IE8. I am trying to insert an image to replace default input text boxes. In opera, firefox, etc, the white background behind the transparent .png images do not show, however in IE they do. Here is my css code for these input boxes. The first pic is of IE buggy, and the second picture is firefox displaying it correctly. input { background:url('images/whitebutton.png'); height:30px; padding-left:12px; background-repeat:no-repeat; margin-right: 0px; float:right; outline
  6. I found the answer to the problem, though easily overlooked. The original script had a line in the mysql_query that looked like this: $check_info = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `clayton` WHERE `username` = '$user'"); My code looked like this: $check_info = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM 'clayton' WHERE 'username' = '$user'"); Apparently there is a HUGE difference between an apostrophe and a grave accent (the little dude on the tilde key, under the ESC key) that surrounds the words "clayton" and "username" lol...who knew.
  7. Very nice Idea. Variable $user, and $pass echo out correctly. Variable $check_info, and $user_info echo out nothing. Is that correct? Also, something interesting is that when i enter no username or password, it says login successful.
  8. I am attempting to retrieve information from the database to compare against information given in a login form. However, I know the information is in the database, and is correct. I also know I am typing it in correctly. Username and password are getting an "Invalid Login" response, when I know they are correct. From this snippet of code, is there anything wrong??? Thank you. //validate the info given $user = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['username']); $pass = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['password']); //check the database $check_info = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM 'clayton' W
  9. How do i turn off php notices in php.ini??? Thanks.
  10. Thank you kindly for the answer. I had a slight idea of the period being concatenation, but couldn't quite figure out what was being "concatenated" since one variable was being added to one field while the next was being added to an entirely different field. Strange I thought. I'll just chalk it up to not being needed, so i most likely won't ever use it. Thanks again!
  11. Hello everyone, I have been learning about the "mysql_query" business, and from a file i downloaded to reference, I see that the developer has placed periods before and after his/her variables inside the INSERT INTO statement. Any reason why? And, is that required??? Thank you! here is what the file had: mysql_query("INSERT INTO `people` SET `username` = '".$username."', `password` = '".$password."', `email` = '".$email."', `fullname` = '".$fullname."'");
  12. Hey everyone, I host a website video tutorial site for a classified software company. Here is my issue. I have made some mp4's that are over 200 mb in size. I am using a 3rd party delivery script that encrypts some folders, and delivers a download link via email to the person who purchased the video. For some reason, when using this software the video only downloads about 30's or 40's (mb) of the 200+mb file. However, when i use a direct link to the designated folder, it downloads completely! I have no clue why this is. Any suggestions? Or and hints on how I can keep others from sha
  13. Hey everyone, this topic is concerning the website Clinton4Sale On this website i have a simple orange header bar at the very top. It is supposed to stretch accross the top of the browser. All browsers (firefox, chrome, safari, and opera) display this correctly, however IE9 does not. Since most of you have that handy little tool that let's you see the html and css i didn't bother pasting the code. If someone has some free time and can tell me what i am missing, i would be very grateful. Thanks so much, Adam.
  14. Problem solved. Answer was in the html form. Apparently you can't create 2 forms and expect 1 submit button to submit all info in both forms
  15. Can anyone tell me why when a value is submitted to these fields, the error array still populates and then is echoes? Is there an issue in this code? if(isset($_REQUEST['submitted'])){ if(empty($_POST['first_name'])){ $errors[] = "You forgot to enter your first name"; }else{ $fn = trim($_POST['first_name']); }//end of check on first_name if(empty($_POST['last_name'])){ $errors[] = "You forgot to enter your last name"; }else{ $ln = trim($_POST['last_name']); }//end check for last_name if(empty($_POST['phone'])){ $errors[] = "Please enter a valid phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX"; }els
  16. I have picked up a php book to supplement my videos. The copyright date is 2008. In this book, the author apparently enjoys using tables. Did css pretty much do away with tables, or are they still being used like they might have been in 2008??
  17. I am also new to this but i'm pretty sure you have to have a file extension of ".css" not "_css" for your css file. (style.css) Additionally you might check out http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_text_word-spacing.asp for a good reference on "word spacing."
  18. Thanks so much, I will definitely give that a try. Sounds like a great idea to me.
  19. Sorry, let me clarify. If i had it to where users could upload images to be used at another time. For instance, if i had them upload a logo to be used in a coupon template. How does php call that image to be used dynamically in different coupon templates? Hope that makes it a little more clear.
  20. I am curious if one uses php to call an image from a directory to be displayed on a certain webpage? I have looking around the net but can't seem to find a good answer. Can anyone point me to a good resource to learn it? Thanks very much.
  21. Amazing! Thanks so much. You're awesome. It worked perfectly.
  22. Hey everyone, I have exhausted all my knowledge and still cannot understand why some of the text on my page has huge gaps in them. It really make the page look ugly. I attempted the css controls of "word-spacing" and didn't see a change. I am a beginner by far. Would like to see if anyone might have an idea what i am missing here. http://www.geodesictutorials.com The bottom right box that has a picture, also has some text, of which you can see the gaps. Thanks so much.
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