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  1. Thanks so much so far. I will work on it today to get it as close as possible and then mail you the code!
  2. Thanks to all that have helped me so far. I have been working with DW for several weeks, watching videos and trying with much frustration to get my layout right. I can't start anything else with CSS until my layout is perfect. Yet I am having the most difficult time putting the menus where they need to go and adding the columns. I am attaching a copy of the layout (very simple) would anyone be willing to help me with what I need to do with it in Dreamweaver. I'm sure this is simple to someone with more experience! I just keep adding padding or margins or positioning changes but the columns and menu bars never seem to go where I want them. I am stuck as I can't do anything else until this is fixed! I'm attaching a Jpg (pdf is acting funny) of a mock layout from PS. The three columns at the bottom, the left column image will have text relating to it at the bottom, the middle column will be an interactive calendar (still looking how to do this) and the right column will also be an image (probably flash) with text relating below! I think it is basically a three column layout in general... just a different version of it, but I just cannot for the life of me get it to look in DW as it does in PS. Any help with how I need to do this would be so appreciated! I feel so stuck right now!
  3. Thanks! I will check out the video.... How do I change my _css to .css Just don't want to mess up all I've worked on so far! Thanks!!!
  4. I have been following along with the video on using photoshop to create a website. I am trying to take what is being taught and apply it to my own design. problem is I'm still such a novice I am still trying to figure out div tags vs h1 etc For example I have placed my logo at the top... underneath it I want my main nav bar to appear. In the style_css rule box that I created I called it #upper menu and then defined the font, color and size. Is this the proper way to do this? I cannot figure out how to put more spaces between the words.... so instead of it looking like this, with one space between each word such as home cities blog subscribe I want it to look like: home cities blog subscribe I have tried to increase the word spacing in my css rule but no change. How can I do this? My next step is to create another different side bar, which I would call #sidemenu and then follow the same steps is this okay? Finally, the color and font type is not showing up when I preview in Safari..... can you think of why, here is my code thus far <link href="style_css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> </head> <body> <div id="wrapper"> <div id="header"></div> <div id="uppermenu"> home cities blog subscribe </div> Thanks!
  5. Found it... had to open file saved as "index.html" Sorry for the trouble!
  6. Okay... have removed slices and added the slices I want. I have opened Dreamweaver set it all up. Now for the part that I am not getting. When I reopened DW after the setup where did all info go. I see a top bar and a side bar but nothing in the middle (much like PS opens) how do I see the split window where all my code is? I know a simple question but I have been playing and yet to figure it out. Why did it not open automatically when I log in to DW? thx (:
  7. Thanks again Ben... I appreciate your speedy response as then I move on to the next thing! About question #3.... if I am adding more photos/images will I need to size them in photoshop 1st? Part of my website is clients will send me their images and I will need to add them to the site, thats why the question is important to me. thanks! Also, I am busy slicing in photoshop and now see that I don't want my slices any more.... how do I remove them? As always, many thanks...
  8. I'm busy working on my website in Photoshop, getting ready to slice it up and assemble in Dreamweaver. However, being a novice and so new to this I am having a hard time seeing the forest through the trees so to speak. I am trying to create a rather large website and need to include so much that at the moment I don't have a clue how to do! Here are my basic worries, if anyone could help, thanks in advance. From the beginning.... 1. I have a layout in Photoshop. It is as I would like it to appear on a real webpage minus the flash, rollovers etc. I am getting ready to slice it up but from what I understand I don't need to slice up any of the text, JUST the images and branding.... is this correct? 2. If that is correct, then it is in dreamweaver that I add the text, rollovers and CSS. Am I still on track? If so then why design in photoshop, aka why put the whole site together if yor not going to use it? 3. On my site I may have many,many pages and all will need updating. Do I have to use photoshop every time I update or add new images? 4. Many site pages will have the same layout with different content... is there a way to duplicate the page as a template, then just fill with the content? 5. I will need to use PHP, flash, etc. does this get added at the end? 6. Is it with CSS that I add unique menu bars, the roll overs, drop down menus, add lines? I don't need to do all this in photoshop first do I? Thanks for your time... I just want to understand where I am and where I am heading!
  9. Thanks so much Ben for all your help! Working now and I learned 2 new things! I really appreciate your help...
  10. Thanks Ben! I adjusted the canvas size but when I did the new 200 layer has a bunch of squares (looks like a checkered table cloth) do you know why and how to remove? Sorry for the all to easy questions, but this is all really new and its trial and error at this point. thanks!
  11. Thanks Ben, The page does not contract naturally on photoshop. I think I need to resize but don't know how. For example I have to photos near the 600 mark, when I move them (which I need to do) they just go off the page... Any advice? thx again...
  12. Hi there... I want to add those vertical dashes between the words in my menu (like on the main killersites.com menu) but don't know how. Must be simple but now sure.... some input would be great! I'm using photoshop CS3. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I am creating my website to the size suggested on the video (600x900) My question is my info seems to be a bit long, and I am lacking room in length. Is it okay to resize to a 700 or 800 length? If so how do I do this? I want the site to look good on all screens but I have a lot of info and need the user to be able to scroll down for the additional info. Any advice and how to do it is appreciated! thanks so much...
  14. Hi Falken Creative, I was able to use the clipping mask to add two images. However they do not show up entirely as I have to move them around and so bits are left out. Do you know how I can add an image and keep the image dimensions? I just want the image to fit exactly into the placeholder. Do you know another way that I can do this? I wish I could get it to work like the video! Thanks again!
  15. Thanks for the help! Will give it a go... fingers crossed!
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