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Convert data into excel format

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What I meant was from the user's point of view.


For the project I am working on, one of my requirements is to save selected data in excel format.

The end-user selects the data to be printed or saved.

And I need the code for the same.



It is not from the admin's point of view.


Sorry if I didn't mention it.

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You can do this a number of ways using PHP...


Look at fwrite



$f = fopen('/tmp/data.csv', 'a'); //<< in 'a' append mode
fwrite($f, 'line of data 1'); //<< you will have to loop through this line
fclose($f); // close handle


Or using a MYSQL query...



SELECT field1,field2,field3
FROM table
INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/data.csv'

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