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  1. kraxzy

    Facebook API

    Have you terminated the session? I think it was something like setSession(null) for example ( check out if it setSession, might have it confused with some other API ).
  2. The abosulote easiet.. well that would be via phpMyAdmin -> Export -> [Then choose either CVS for excel or excel file] And that should fix it, as it's easier to use that than coding it from scratch that's for sure.
  3. check out session and information saving with cookies.
  4. Haha kids these days .. how did you install PHP on apache back in the days if not by adding a Addtype and linking to the php engine?
  5. Another way would be to find a promising open source project being developed that meet a lot of the requirements here and go in as a partner company where you bring in additional boost to the project contributing with some in house solutions etc. This way you both could win on it. You get the base that you can try out and evaluate for free, and you contribute with some code that aids the developers sitting there in their spare time. See it as an exchange. Another approach would be actually building your project with open source modules in connection with in house made bridges and realizati
  6. You do realize that that would be an immense pain in the ass if you got more than 10 properties that you need to keep track on, not only the names.. but also the order of all of them in the parameters. For large scripts it would be a pain in the ass. Not to mention how the function code would grow in the pace of new properties introduced which would introduce a time complexity that varied depending on the number of properties. I'd suggest you solve it using dynamic variables instead, that wasy you can create generic (not true generic but still generic in a sense) way. I had something sim
  7. How will you prevent the buyer from just ripping the code that is supposed to connect validate then turn the exec off? Only way I see you doing this is by hosting it on your server. Unless you are planning of having each page encrypted then having the server decrypting it via a key they only can get from your server when and if they are validated by your server... if so then make sure it's a key that changes, But then again it would mean that each page of code would be one connection to your server.. so make sure that doesn't create loading time and angry costumers.
  8. Actually the code would be very similar, but the way about how you go around coding it would differ. As it's another mindset really. Here you would for example solve it in a oop way of thinking, what kind of objects would I need to fulfill this task? Well I need a page, so maybe a page object would be needed.. Then I need an object that keeps track of my different pages maybe so a page-controll, maybe a specific object that acts as an interface dealing with user input, maybe I want more generic page objects thus I make an special interface that the database interacts with.... and so on.
  9. grab netbeans, it's free and delivers a lot of the features that the costly applications also do. With the distinct difference that that netbeans will not force you into a negative economic phase.
  10. Yes, in OOP circumstances there are two key concepts, behaviour and properties of the object. The properties in php would be things as the variables, constants etc, and the behavior would be the way it acts through the interface available with which you communicate with the object ( in short the functions available). Also key is to really grasp the distinction between a class and an object, as these are not the same, a little deeper knowledge here is neccessary in order to really be able to write good code. Object is an instance of a class, which could be described as all unique pr
  11. kraxzy

    A login method

    I'd let the webserver handle the uphold of banned users, and spare the server of having to do extra database lookups.
  12. It means exactly what its name stands for. If I say to you like this, how would you classify this batch of code? Well you would look at the behavior of the code, and what another batch of code would see and be able to get to if using it. And you conclude: (for example) Aha! it has all the functionality and behavior needed to classify it as an account, or vehicle, or human or maybe something else. Thus it must be that thing! If you can classify something as X, it is of class X. I can classify you as a human thus you are of class human. And this is the key element of OOP, encapsu
  13. It's called IP.Board 3 a quick google should show be enough to find this particular set of forums that killersites is using. But it's not free.
  14. From the go php engine doesn't allow direct access to it, if it hasn't been redirected by the webserver. However there are often other codes in combination that we tend to use that unwillingly impose threats very easily used by people with bad intention. Let say you got any other php function utilizing the eval() function, like include, ínclude_once, require, require_once and so on. What you then do is, generate a server side error getting the php version if lucky, or spend some extra time getting hold of that, google all known code inject vulns associated with eval() php for that version
  15. kraxzy

    PHP image caching

    Yes it's called dynamic programming and used a lot in other languages when it comes to reducing the memory and time consumption of recursive methods. Which basically means that you keep a list of operations that you've already excecuted, a easy example would if you already had 2 and 2 and the code is calculating the sum of the provided entries, you check your list if you already had these, and if so fetch the result instead of redoing the calculation ( note that this is a basic example where having a dynamic solution would be useless for something trivial as occasional addition operations
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